What makes an easy retail POS system?

May 24, 2024 in Point of Sale

Easy to use User interface

Although, Training new team member is big challenge for all businesses. Similarly, To get started quickly you need to have POS software with very easy user interface. Do you know What makes an easy retail POS system?
Our billing system user interface is mostly driven by icons or pictures. This makes it easy for operators to get used to them quickly. You will find all the features available easily on the left panel, just like smart phone interface. Related operations for a feature are placed in the toolbar.


While billing system software can meet almost all of your business needs, there could be some data level changes you may require for your implementation. For example, you may want to keep additional data for your products. In all our products there are plenty of such easy customization opportunities provided to you. You can add new data fields to most elements in our products in just minutes and there is no extra cost for such customization!

What makes an easy retail POS system?

Custom Reports

Also, The best thing about billing system software is the ability to create custom reports . Our products will give you the ability to view your data in your way. You can create the reports you want with a simple drag and drop functionality. Moreover if you need help in creating these additional reports, our support team will be happy to help you get started.


Since We take the implementation of our products very seriously. To make our product a complete success in your business, we are available to you over 30+ channel PRI phone lines with a single number.

The billing system software has error reporting built-in. You can submit your errors directly to our server from the applications. We have a dedicated team to watch for errors directly submitted to our servers and will get back in touch with you to resolve your problem, without you having to call us or even send us an email.


Also, Our products offer the best value for money. We keep our pricing model very simple. No recurring costs. You have no monthly or yearly recurring expenses while using our software. You buy your license in a one-time payment. 1 year support is included in the price. Only if you subscribe to our cloud services or eCommerce services, you will have a monthly expense as we too have to bear the bill of monthly hosting services.