Use Gift Cards to Boost your Sales

October 10, 2019 in Customer Management

Use Gift Cards to Boost your Sales

Increase sales, retain old customers and earn new ones by offering gift cards

Gift cards – are a great way to connect with your customers. You own a garment store, super market, a restaurant, a spa, or an online specialty store, a great way to acquire new customers while retaining your loyal ones is to sell gift cards.

 There are multiple reasons to why every business should implement gift cards.

  • Zero cost investment. It is simple and easy to create gift card program for your business.
  • Brings customers back to the business to make additional purchases.
  • Enables shopkeeper to retain customers and build brand loyalty.
  • Build more customer database

Today we will explore some of the benefits of using gift cards for your business, and you can use then to increase the sales and repeated customers.

Repeated Customers

You can sell gift cards without providing a service or product. Your sale doesn’t depend when gift card is redeemed, when a gift card is eventually used, customers will often spend more than the actual value of the card, which further enhances your cash flow. It’s also possible that some gift card purchases will go unused, meaning that’s essentially extra revenue for your store.

Increased Revenue

When  a customer buys a gift card with a certain amount of money loaded onto it but if they want to purchase something more expensive, Customers tend to spend more when they already have a certain amount to spend at a business. Sometimes it’s also possible that some gift card purchased from customers will go unused, meaning that’s essentially extra revenue for your store.

Customer Loyalty

Best of all, you can even reuse or recharge the gift card. Once customers redeem the gift card value, they can still use the same gift card for future purchases by recharging the gift card.  When you sell a gift card, you can you can collect email addresses to put on a mailing list. Having customers email addresses will allow you to connect with them by sending sales updates, promotions, and special offers. This will connect customers to more reasons why they should come into your business and spend their money.

Delight your guests with gift cards and boost your sales

HDPOS smart POS system make it easy for retailers to sell, track, and manage their gift cards.

The gift card system of HDPOS helps you to create, sell and market your own gift card for your business.You can issue the gift cards to customers with a predefined value so that it can be redeemed in future purchases. You can also issue a gift card to your customers against the sales return. HDPOS maintains detailed information of each gift card issued you can view available balance and track all purchases made against a specific gift card.

Issue Gift Cards

In HDPOS, you can either sell or issue gift cards to your customers by using a good POS system. Sell Gift card to your customers by making an invoice and generate the gift card number. You can also issue gift cards to customers without making an Invoice or collecting any amount.This is useful for business which supports membership program for customers by issuing a gift card which holds some value. 

Receive Payments from Gift Cards

You can sell gift card to customers without providing service or product, when a customer makes a purchase you can use gift card as payment mode to redeem the gift card value.You can even check the gift card balance and notify your customers while you are receiving the amount. HDPOS generated financial transactions for gift cards whenever they are used. You can view the gift card account and know the total transaction your business made from gift card.

Reuse and Recharge Gift Cards

Once customer redeem gift card value, you can still use the same gift card for future purchases by recharging the gift card. Gift card can be recharged by collecting the gift card’s sales amount from your customer by entering the gift card number.

Check HDPOS smart POS billing software and see how you can boost your sales with Gift card implementation.