Top Attributes of an Ideal POS Software

August 23, 2021 in Point of Sale

Top Attributes of an Ideal POS Software

Do you own a Retail, Grocery, or Jewellery store and are looking for an efficient POS software? Here are the 6 must-have features for every POS Software.

1.Automated Retail Billing 

An ideal POS software must generate bills automatically on checkout and create financial and analytical reports for you. You no longer have to scribble on a ledger and keep notes of your financials such as sales, inventory, and tax calculations.The Software should do it for you. 

2.Inventory Management

Inventory management is a tedious task especially if you do it manually, and after purchasing a POS software without this feature forces you to manage your inventory manually. Purchasing such a software does not make any sense whatsoever. Inventory management is a must-have feature for any Online POS software along with stock in transit reports and sold-out inventory. 

3.Multiple Applications 

The best POS software must support multiple businesses such as retail, sports, electronics, and even manufacturing. It must help in their bills of materials along with their analytical report.” HDPOS smart by Hyperdrive is one such POS system that can be used across multiple businesses offering daily sales reports and other important analytical data. 

4.Customized Barcodes and Bills

Another feature that is an absolute necessity in modern POS software is customized bar codes and bills. A POS software must enable you to provide printing barcode stickers for different products, custom invoice designs for your business, and product catalog printing. This makes inventory management and sales highly efficient, saving you a lot of time. 

5.A Mobile Application 

Most cloud-based online POS softwares are windows based applications, but if you are really looking for a complete package, the POS software must have a mobile application. Such applications work on both android and iOS and enable you to operate your mobile phone as a POS terminal. HDPOS Smart by Hyperdrive is one of the few softwares that comes in both Web and Mobile platforms. 


The software must be compatible with all the POS devices at the counter such as your computers, Barcode scanners, Credit and debit card swipe machines,etc. There is no point in buying software that does not support the most often used devices at your sales desk.