How TempleTree innovated their business through HDPOS Smart

June 6, 2020 in Customer Success

How TempleTree innovated their business through HDPOS Smart

About Temple Tree

Templetree is a premier retailer with an online presence offering a unique selection of fine papers, invitations, announcements, personalized and distinctive gifts, quirky greeting cards and gift wrap.
The first Templetree store opened its doors in Mumbai in 2006 to showcase beautiful handcrafted papers & paper products. They have opened 3 new stores, bringing the total to 4 stores across the country.
Their mission is to inspire you to “Do Something Creative Every Day,” to spark ideas and provide materials to celebrate life’s moments with beauty, humor, originality, and personal expression.


Challenges Temple Tree wanted to overcome

Temple Tree and it’s founders always had a very innovative approach to their business. They promoted creativity and innovation and also wanted to replicate the same concepts towards customer engagement strategies.

  • They were on a look-out for a software that can match their ever-growing requirements. A software that can not only help them in daily tasks but also has room for implementing their creative ideas.
  • Since all items manufactured were custom made by the team, it was highly essential to have a proper track of the Inventory in the store available for Sale and also a way to manage inventory for Online Sales.
  • Along with selling Offline through the store, the store’s founders laid a huge emphasis on having an Online presence and popularizing their store through Online Channels.
    Hence, they required a visually appealing and user-friendly website that got interlinked with the Offline POS Solution. 
  • Apart from the general introductory Offers, while launching they had also a few custom benefits in mind that they wanted a special set of membership customers to enjoy. This required the use of a Loyalty points system and customized offers.
  • Creative ideas also require a strong knowledge of your business and how it is performing to then build upon strategies, hence the founders required a reporting system that can help analyze their business growth

Solutions offered by HDPOS Smart

HDPOS Smart software being a host to 7000+ customers worldwide has the capability to accommodate requirements of a huge number of business verticals. So this gave the TempleTree team a lot of freedom and flexibility to play around with. 

  • HDPOS Smart came through to provide the Temple Tree staff with a customized look and feel of the software, as they were able to enable and disable certain modules based on their usage and also in a way that made it easier for the staff to get started.
  • Lots of quick access Toolstrip buttons on the Billing Screen made tasks easier to tackle from the home screen itself. Like for example by the click of a button while invoicing they could know a specific customer’s purchase history, his outstanding balances, and their Birth dates. 
  • HDPOS Smart handles Inventory very well giving users the ability to view real-time stock across several locations. In their case, they were able to properly segregate the Offline and Online Stock details. Online inventory data helped them to keep themselves prepared based on customer demands while also maintaining a proper flow of inventory inside the store. 
  • Looking at their case the Hyper Drive team worked with their founders to understand how they envisioned the customers to buy products from the website. Taking those characteristics in consideration, the Dev team were able to develop a website that showed customers a wider range of products to choose from and an easy to navigate user-interface that helped them choose the perfect Gift Item based on their desired Colour and Theme.
    The checkout process also had the ability to apply certain offers that were going on in the store as promotions. This specifically made the customers come back, again and again, to order products from their Online Store.
  • Temple Tree thought of introducing a few Promotional Offers at the time of launch that would drive customers to buy items at a discounted price. These offers could be availed either on the Offline or the Online Store.
  • They also laid down a list of future Offers and plans they wished to resume after initial 3 months and 6 months of sales, and these were set to their respective dates on when they had to begin. These were then sent over to customers in the form of Text messages and Emails from the software’s in-built CRM. These offers really helped to drive sales and strategize their sales cycles. 
  • The Founders were made aware of the Reporting capabilities of HDPOS Smart. Certain reports were able to direct them to where the demand is, for example, the Fast Selling Items Report guided them on what Category / Theme of products we’re selling more in a particular time frame.
    On the top making them aware of the system reports, the team also helped Temple Tree set a set of 5 important reports on the Graphical dashboard which the founders thought of as very convenient to have the essential reports viewed in a quick glance.


Temple Tree is now focusing on even further improving their customer engagement strategies by analyzing market trends and what products are popular among different age-groups of customers.

They are also working on search engine optimization tools to have their website ranked higher on Google for customers to identify and reach out to more customers. They plan to replicate the same set of learnings on the next store in the city that they plan to open. Hyper Drive as before will always help them achieve their vision of success.

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