Temple Silks grows from a single store to 3 locations with HDERP

February 8, 2020 in Customer Success

Temple Silks grows from a single store to 3 locations with HDERP

About Temple Silks

What started in 2006 with the idea to sell apparel clothing to all age of women, has grown into a network of 3 big retail locations across India. Temple silks have represented the heritage like no other.

Over the years, Temple Silks has remained successful by staying in touch with real and ethnic clothes lovers and helping them choose from a large selection of woman designer apparel to elegant fashion wear.

Billing Temple Silk

Challenges faced by Temple Silks

With customers trying on apparel in multiple styles and colors before making their purchase, Temple Silks always had a lot of back and forth between the sales floor and the stockroom. Beyond making sure his staff had access to product info detailed enough to impress the most devout Saree lovers. Founders needed to track inventory carefully to avoid shrinkage and make sure his multi-location business had access to organized, accurate stock data.

Also learning the ins and outs of their daily operations was sturdy and with no access to historical sales data, it was tough to figure out business scaling.

Temple Silks wanted a POS program that would help them to take control of inventory and make more informed business decisions

Solution by HDPOS Smart

With HDERP, They now have a clear picture of all their business locations and is able to organize, monitor, and optimize stock in real time. Something isn’t moving in one business location but has a good demand in other? He uses stock transfer and everything is recorded in HDERP. They are able to know exactly what their customers are buying. The data from HDERP tells him which items to focus on so he can make more sales and keep his inventory intact.

They never want a customer to leave because they don’t have something that their customer is interested in. With HDERP, he never has to.

HDERP has a wish-list feature to record special orders and items in which a store doesn’t have it right now. Founders are happy with a report on “missed sales” so he can take care of those items and customers in the future.

Whenever they need to look at reporting of various items as per its attributes like colors, sizes, styles – HDERP is there. Retail technology has enabled them to run their stores super efficiently and make smarter business decisions.

Temple Silks has full control of their Inventory across all locations.


Temple tree has gained a lot of profit and success with implementation of a new ERP solution. Being on top of their Inventory and never missing a sale has been their biggest selling point.