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Our software applications are built with latest trends while supporting most existing hardware. You will find them touch screen friendly as well as easy to use with mouse and keyboard interface.

We are quite fluent with current technology and our applications are built with latest software architecture that make them flexible to be used in small installation like a single laptop and also quite apt for very large installations that involve multiple servers and many client node computers. One of the advantages that HDPOS smart has over the older traditional billing or accounting software is that, it been developed in recent years it has modern technical architecture. Because of its flexibility also known as scalability in technical terms, this billing software can be used in a situation of a single computer, even a tablet and also in a situation where many nodes are required for large deployment.

The challenges of automating your retail store and bringing technology and computer to manage your business are investments in hard ware, software and also staffing and training. Specially for small business these challenges become difficult to overcome. What makes HDPOS smart a perfect billing software for small business is its flexibility and scalability. As a small business you can keep your initial investment less by automating your business with only one computer and going with HDPOS smart as a billing software on a single terminal. In this setup all your data and operation will be only on one computer.

As your small business grows you can add more computers for additional billing counters and / or administrative terminals while upgrading your HDPOS smart from stand alone billing system to a client server billing system.
The flexibility of scaling and upgrading of your software as well as hardware makes HDPOS smart a smart choice for billing and inventory management for small business.

Hardware Capabilities

HDPOS works on wide range of hardware platforms ranging from very small laptops to powerful desktops.It is very scalable and works with low end laptops with screen resolution as low as 600 px height. HDPOS smart is intelligent enough to adjust its look and rearrange its UI when it encounters resolutions as low as 600px height.

HDPOS initially gets installed with light weight database, SQL lite  and it works perfectly fine in a very low resource environment when your data needs are low. HDPOS is scalable to be installed on very small net books to large array of computers. It can handle small mobile businesses to large enterprise level Point Of Sale needs.

HDPOS is designed to work with dedicated POS systems that have touch screens. HDPOS is smart enough to take advantage of your powerful desk tops and large amount of RAM that you might have purchased. HDPOS can detect whether you are running a 32 bit Windows or 64 bit Windows
if you are running 64 bit Windows HDPOS smart will automatically start to run in 64 bit mode, use all 64 bit dlls and make optimum use of your hardware and give you the best performance.

Printer Support

HDPOS supports all printers that Windows recognize. As long as you have printer installed correctly and any Windows application is able to print to it, it will be compatible with HDPOS.

One of best thing with HDPOS is that it can print in text mode on your dot matrix printer. This gives you much better speed while printing with dot matrix, and it offers a longer life to your printer and uses less ribbon. HDPOS can work with all thermal printers for printing your bill receipts

HDPOS can work with all bar-code sticker printers. But hear this, best part is, you do not need to invest in dedicated bar-code printers. HDPOS can print your bar-code stickers on any normal laser printer or inkjet printer!
HDPOS works with your pre-printed stationery. This will allow you to pre-print your colorful invoices at an economical price and then use them with HDPOS. You can handle all your printing needs such as invoice printing, report printing and bar-code sticker printing from a single laser printer.

HDPOS saves you over USD 600 right at the installation time by saving you cost of additional thermal and sticker printers.

Operating System Compatibility

HDPOS understands that there are many Windows versions available in market today. We support all versions of Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows 8 and Window 10. We also support dedicated POS operating systems like POS Ready 9000.
HDPOS offers add-on services like Report Website that you can run from any browser including your mobile phones. With this you can view your reports, what's going on in your store, at any time using your mobile phone.

Database Support

HDPOS smart is truly smart in handling your data needs. If your data needs are small you can use low end computer and use SQLite database.

As you grow you can than shift to SQL server database. Our support team will help you move your data from SQLite database to SQL Server database and make transition absolutely painless. HDPOS is smart enough to make use of full capabilities of SQL server. HDPOS supports all version of SQL server starting from version 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, all editions including express edition. Express editions of all versions are available for free from Microsoft directly. We recommend you to use SQL server version 2008 and above.

In client server mode HDPOS makes use of Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS). As you must be aware, this is the industry proven server software from Microsoft that is being used currently by websites that are receiving millions of hits a day. With SQL server and IIS as part of its back bone, HDPOS is capable of handling very large number of transactions and very large data.

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