Success Story of Kitsons Toy Shop with- HDPOS SMART

December 6, 2021 in Point of Sale

Success Story of Kitsons Toy Shop with- HDPOS SMART

About Kitsons Toy Mart

Kitsons is a toy retail chain based out of Hyderabad with over 12 branches and 2 franchises. They have their branches across Hyderabad located in Gachibowli, Nallagandla, Kondapur, Kokapet, Shilpa Park, Madinaguda, Khajaguda, and Hitech City. They deal in unique kid’s toys and stationery and have been in business for the past 10 years. Kitsons offers one of the finest quality toys through their retail outlets and franchises across the state.

Challenges faced by Kitsons

i. Billing and Management – A major challenge faced by Kitsons was billing and management. They had been operating on the old ledger but with the introduction of the online payment methods, it had become really challenging to keep track of sales with respect to all their stores.

ii. Customer Service Module

Another challenge they faced was to keep track of their loyal customers and be in touch with them. As said, it’s far easier to retain a customer rather than gain a new one. The owners at Kitsons understand this very well. So, what they needed was a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management module, that could store information and further help them advertise with ease.

iii. Expansion

As the business expanded in terms of retail chains and franchise models, they needed something reliable that could keep an accurate track of inventory, and provide real-time information on the go.

iv. Warehouse Management

Managing inventory is a major challenge when we talk of retail businesses. Their main inventory consists of stationery products along with toys, notebooks, and other items. If ordered in excess these can attract worms and humidity, reducing their shelf life. Keeping the exact amount of inventory with respect to sales is a major challenge that had to be addressed.


Since we have purchased HDPOS, “There is no shortage of inventory and we can track everything with a single touch with my mobile app.” says Mr. Abhishek the owner of Kitsons.

They also bought their HDERP subscription few years back and since then have referred 3 more clients to use the software. HDERP is an enterprise resource planning solution provided by Hyperdrive solutions. It helps them with detailed analytics and builds their future growth plans.

It has also helped in keeping an optimal level of inventory that has reduced the working capital requirements. The same capital can now be used for business expansion.

Moreover, a major benefit of the software is CRM, which has helped them grow to where they stand today. Through effective marketing strategies and exclusive SMS offers, they are able to retain their existing customers and follow repeat orders.

The most used product at their stores and warehouses is, fulfilling purchase orders, billing, and the mobile application to track real-time inventory and sales.

The mobile app is one of the best features of HDPOS. It allows them to access important data on all their stores, which includes important sales, revenue, profit, and franchise figures all on the mobile phone. With HDPOS, Kitsons have plans to expand to the next level, working in sync with their franchise model and opening a lot of new stores.