HDRestaurant for Pizza shop

It is built to increase the profit and efficiency of the business.

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Pizza pos billing software

Simplify your restaurant task with Pizza POS System

Is it the classic American, is it a perfect Italian style kind, or maybe your pizzas are filled with local tastes? Advanced POS system designed to meet the unique needs of your pizza restaurant From table management to inventory management, it helps to run the entire business efficiently from one place.

Smart Billing

The interface is intuitive and doesn’t require any time for staff training. Waiters start selling in a minute. HDRestaurant, lets your staff take orders using any device like mobile, tablet, desktop computer or POS devices. 
Split a bill evenly, by item, or manually input bill amounts whenever a customer demands separate invoice. Apply discounts to the invoice or specific item. Accept payments in multiple payment modes. Print or email receipts to customers.

Best Pizza Shop POS Software

Customize the billing screen according to your needs

HDRestaurant works perfectly with any touch screen devices.
This POS system let's you customize the billing screen according to your business needs, you can configure your billing screen as Grid Billing, Pictorial Billing or Button Billing interface. 

Easy To Use Billing Software For Pizza Restaurant

Kitchen Order Token (KOT)

The kitchen order token will help in better and easy management of a Pizza restaurant. With KOT functionality, order placed from the customer is directly sent to the kitchen avoiding confusion or miscommunication.
In HDRestaurant KOTs (Kitchen Order Tokens) can be printed for the items grouped counter wise on same or various different printers on the network.

KOT printing software

Combo Packs

Most of the restaurants have their special combo packs to attract customers. HDRestaurant provides a very attractive and simple way to create combos in your menu offering. Add optional items (add -on) to combo packs, print KOT with combo pack along optional items (add -on).
Our intuitive user interface allows your customer to create their own combos if you present them with a touch screen device.

Pizza POS with Combo menu management

Inventory Management

Inventory management is very critical for any type of business. With our inventory module, you can easily track the amount of stock consumed and left after each day.
Set low stock alerts for low stock. Get reports of your dump stock and track your wastage.

Pizza Inventory POS software

Employee Management

Define employees roles and restrict access to important information or function in HDRestaurant.
HDRestaurant records your employees time in, time-out details and calculates employee working hours in bar and restaurant.

Employee Time Clock Tracking POS Software

You shouldn't have to do repetitive tasks - that's the software's job.

Get HDRestaurant to takes care of everything from Billing to Inventory and Accounting. This software has all the features to streamline your pizza restaurant operations.
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Take Orders using Mobile Tablet-Works on multiple devices
Sales Analysis

Sales information neatly organized and presented, on a daily basis, or for any date and location.

Stock Movement

Manage multiple warehouses- move stock between different businesses with the garment billing system.

Data Correction

Alter multiple documents of varying types with just one click.

Perfectly Scheduled

Take things to the next level by scheduling SMS reports and automatically generated reports

Manage access rights

Keep things secure and organized by restricting access. Fine-tune the controls that each employee can use.

Customer Data

Record customer details, which includes their credit limits, loyalty points, and pending payments.

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