HDPOS smart is
for your garment store

Built to cater to the specific needs of garment stores. From billing, inventory, accounts, CRM to intelligence, analytics, drill downs and much more.

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You shouldn't have to do repetitive tasks - that's the software's job.

You and your garment business really need HDPOS Smart. Here's are a few of the reasons:

garment shop retail billing software hardware set
Easy to use

An intuitive user interface, you can quickly and easily process your sales and delight your customers.

Stock Movement

Manage your large inventory. Manage multiple warehouses- move stock between different businesses.

Sales Analysis

Sales information neatly organized and presented, on a daily basis, or for any date and location.

Customer Data

Record customer details, which includes their credit limits, loyalty points, and pending payments.

Perfectly Scheduled

Take things to the next level by scheduling SMS reports and automatically generated reports

Fully secure

Keep things secure and organized by restricting access. Fine-tune the controls that each employee can use.


Did you say "Specialized"?

HDPOS smart takes care of everything from billing, inventory, customizable data fields
to simplifying things when you need to order more stock.
Also, this software will set up your online store in no time. Really.

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Easy to use - Smart Billing

You don't need to be a technologist to use HDPOS Smart.
We made this tool for everyone. Since that was our design principle from the very beginning, HDPOS Smart is incredibly easy to use. An intuitive and graphical user interface, you can quickly and easily process your sales. Process orders quickly with the help of bar code reader or searching by item name or its attribute like color, size, design, etc quickly without having to type in the entire search.
HDPOS smart’s flexible checkout system lets you accept all payments including cash, cheque, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, bank transfer, and even check. And, that's not all you can continue billing even when offline. HDPOS Smart works both online & offline

Clothing and Apparel Store POS System

Large inventory - easy management

A store that sells all kinds of clothes in a variety of colors, sizes and brands needs powerful inventory management.

HDPOS Smart dynamically organizes your inventory using the categories and sub-categories that you tell it to use.

There's plenty of information served to you at a glance, including the the rolled-up totals and the dynamic drill-down of your inventory.

Are you afraid that something's amiss with your stock? HDPOS Smart has got your back - it will let you find the differences between the stock you expected and the stock that you really have, in an instant.
You can also import and export excel files while doing stock audits - HDPOS Smart is as flexible as you are.

Software for Clothing Store with Inventory Management

You can also manage your tailor store

Along with sale of your clothing items, HDPOS Smart will give you the freedom of managing stitching and alterations, so that you can provide your customers the one thing they long for - personalized adjustment.

You'll be able to keep track of all the measurement details, raw materials, alterations, and what the current status of the item looks like.
Astound your customers by taking their approval at various stages.

Now, when somebody asks "can I get this two inches longer?", you can say "sure, that'll be easy".

Tailoring Store POS Software

Reporting & Analytics

Our reporting module provide you over 500 plus pre-built reports covering every aspect of your retail business, helps you make better and more informed decisions. And, that’s not at all you can customize the reports for sales, inventory to meet your business requirements.

 POS system for clothing boutiques

2D/3D Graphical Analytics

With our unique graphical data representation feature, take your business insight to the next level, and fuel up your business analytics. A chart/graph can display a summary of sales, profit, or current inventory by category, or by business location. The information can be viewed in a bar, line, or pie chart, etc

And, that’s not at all Graphs can be customized in many different ways. Each portion of the graph can be altered to fit your needs. You
can print and generate PNG, JPEG and PDF file of the current graph.
Built - in-dashboard gives a quick snapshot of relevant data for the day. Also quick access to your most popular reports as well as graphs.

POS for Clothing Garment Apparel Stores

Automated financial accounting that puts you in charge

HDPOS Smart doesn't miss a thing when it comes to financial accounting- sales account, purchase account, customer account, supplier account - it can keep track of everything. This software even manages your water and electricity bills, if you need it to! 
That isn't all- HDPOS Smart will also generate all those vital financial statements you need, including payables, receivables, balance sheet and profit & losses. 

However, while HDPOS Smart automates all the mundane tasks for you, it doesn't take away your authority - you can continuously monitor all the transactions being made within the business and put a stop to anything you don't want. You can cancel or change any kind of transaction before its too late.

Garment POS with Accounting

Use on your Android Phone or Tablet for Billing. 

Turn your phone or Android device into a POS terminal. HDPOS Smart app seamlessly operates on many android based devices. This intuitive app doesn’t require technical knowledge and you can quickly process the order and generate invoices with just a few taps.

Billing and inventory management POS for Garment Stores

Your very own in-house and online billing solution

Integrate your in-store POS System with an e-commerce website without any hassle. You will be able to sell in-store as well as online seamlessly. HDPOS smart is not just a billing solution for the physical store, but it also offered a unique business billing software to integrate your in-store billing system with your online website. It manages your online and in-store business and inventory solution in one single integrated database! 

In Store Billing and Online POS software

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