Cafe' and Bakery POS system

This POS system caters to every aspect of running your cafe and bakery in a smooth and sensible manner.

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Cake and bakery billing software

Run your business professionally with our best Cafe' and Bakery POS system

Easy to use , intuitive user interface POS system streamlines you cafe'e and bakery management process.

Easy Billing

HDRestaurant is incredibly easy to use. An intuitive and graphical user interface, the ability to search for things using any attribute and a billing process that's almost entirely automatic - you owe this to yourself.
HDRestaurant, lets your staff take orders using any device like mobile, tablet, desktop computer or POS devices.

Best POS Software for Bakery

Recipe Management (BOM)

HDRestaurant bakery pos system handles the making of your bakery items like cakes, cookies etc and comes up with the estimation of the raw materials required for any typical order.
Manage your recipe and define the exact ingredients used to prepare a product. Our "Auto Make" feature makes your "Food items" at the time of sale and reduces the stock of your ingredientsl.

Bakery Billing Software with Recipe Management

Inventory Management

Inventory module is integrated with sales and purchase module you can keep track your inventory count in real time. Set low stock alerts for low stock.Get reports of your dump stock and track your wastage.

Cafe and Bakery Inventory Control POS System

Weighing Scale Integration

You can integrate any weighing scale to HDRestaurant, so you can weigh and price your products during check-out. Once you set a price per Kg/pound, the scale will do the math for you and add the cost to the sale total. This way, you can weigh your products to meet the specific needs of your bakery business.

Bakery Billing Software with Weighing Scale Intergration

Expiry/Batch Management

Assign batch numbers with their expiry dates to the products that require expiry management. By looking at your batch records, and seeing what is selling well and what is nearing its sell-by/expiry date, you can easily offer discounts or special deals on the slower selling items.

Bakery Product Expiry Management

Barcode printing and Packing

With our advanced barcode printing module, you can easily print barcode stickers with predesigned templates. Information such as product name, price, product image, batch number and other required product details can be printed on the barcode sticker. 
 With HDPOS smart you do not even need any specialty printers to print your barcode stickers. you can use a standard laser or inkjet printer and A4 size sticker sheet to manage all your barcode printing needs.

You can add this packed products to sales invoice directly by scanning the products. Correct prices and offers etc are automatically applied without any intervention by the operator.


2D/3D Graphical Analytics

With our unique graphical data representation feature, take your business insight to the next level, and fuel up your business analytics. A chart/graph can display a summary of sales, profit, or current inventory by category, or by business location. The information can be viewed in a bar, line, or pie chart, etc

And, that’s not at all Graphs can be customized in many different ways. Each portion of the graph can be altered to fit your needs. You
can print and generate PNG, JPEG and PDF file of the current graph.
Built - in-dashboard gives a quick snapshot of relevant data for the day. Also quick access to your most popular reports as well as graphs.

Graphical Data Representation

You shouldn't have to do repetitive tasks - that's the software's job.

Get HDRestaurant to takes care of everything from Billing to Inventory and Accounting. This software has all the features to streamline your pizza restauant operations
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Set of hardware supported by hdpos
Sales Analysis

Sales information neatly organized and presented, on a daily basis, or for any date and location.

Stock Movement

Manage multiple warehouses- move stock between different businesses with the garment billing system.

Data Correction

Alter multiple documents of varying types with just one click.

Perfectly Scheduled

Take things to the next level by scheduling SMS reports and automatically generated reports

Manage access rights

Keep things secure and organized by restricting access. Fine-tune the controls that each employee can use.

Customer Data

Record customer details, which includes their credit limits, loyalty points, and pending payments.

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