Spyran Masala uses HDPOS to create a fast-paced Retail environment

October 21, 2020 in Customer Success

Spyran Masala uses HDPOS to create a fast-paced Retail environment

About Spyran Retail

Spyran Retail was established on 19th November 1924 and with over 75 years of experience, Shree Ranchhodray Masala Mill has earned tremendous respect and goodwill, both in India and abroad. Spyran Retail, today is a household name across the state of Gujarat, being synonymous with high quality, premium taste, and hygiene serving over 30 Masala products, powder, and iodized salt. 

At present Spyran retail is using HDPOS Smart for all it’s locations with more than 40 Tills.

Initial Challenges they came across

Having multiple Retail outlets across several cities, it was quite difficult for them to maintain the inventory and to balance the stock for both their In-store sales and online shop sales. They needed software that could help them in the management of raw materials, components, and finished products. All of these needed a structured approach to manage the incoming stock in the warehouse and to represent it in an understandable fashion. 

Sorting out inappropriate items:

Since they have a large business, it is important for them to collectively maintain accurate inventory levels. In this state of commotion, it is tough to understand what Items are recalled, damaged, and how to properly tackle Purchase Returns.

Customized Barcode Stickers:

Some of their products are manufactured by them, they hence needed the software to have the capability to design and print custom barcode stickers.

SMS Support:

One of their requirements was to have the capability to send customers the sales invoice receipts via Text Messages. Also they wanted to receive notifications for other scheduled reports from the system.

Maintaining Stock Levels:

They also wanted the system to promptly send them a notification when the stock of certain items reached below a certain pre-set minimum level.

Solutions offered by HDPOS Smart

HDPOS Smart software was able to offer a very appropriate solution to the Spyran Retail Team:

  • Firstly, the simple workflows to carry out daily tasks made things immensely easier for their staff.
  • HDPOS Smart allows them to create easy purchase returns and also linked its financial aspects though it’s an in-built accounting system.
  • It helps them record all payments made to their supplier against a GRN through multiple payment methods including cash, cheque, and bank transfer.
  • In terms of re-order management, HDPOS smart allows them to maintain minimum and maximum stock levels of required products based on their business needs. The system shows a list of all the products that are running below the minimum required stock which further helps them to place purchase orders.
  • Sending and receiving SMS is a very integral part of Spyran Retail’s business processes. HDPOS smart helps them by giving them SMS sending capability at various stages of communication with their customers and suppliers.
  • Since most of their products are perishable in nature, HDPOS Smart assists them by keeping track of their incoming product batch numbers and their corresponding expiration dates.
  • Being in business for more than 75 years came with huge historical data of suppliers that they wanted to have uploaded in the system. Through HDPOS Smart they were able to bulk upload all this information through the form of Excel spreadsheets. 


Spyran Masala HDPOS smart Customer

Spyran Retail team is immensely satisfied by the features and services offered by HDPOS Smart. They were able to uphold all their traditionally set standards by having to use a software solution that was able to meet their tricky requirements.  With its intuitive ways to communicate with customers, HDPOS Smart has helped them to engage with their customers in a way that they have never had before. Most importantly, they believe with HDPOS Smart the billing workflow is much more error-free and seamless. They wish to build on this momentum and optimize the usage of the software in their business processes as much as possible.

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