See how ShreeJi Foods streamline their Business Operations with HDERP

April 16, 2020 in Customer Success

See how ShreeJi Foods streamline their Business Operations with HDERP

 A look at Shreeji Foods

They were established in the year of 2004. Shreeji Foods in Mumbai has been a top player in the Dry fruits Sector who operate as Traders, Exporters, Suppliers and Wholesalers of their respective items in premium quality range. Along with their aspirations to rackup better sales and an overall better structure to their data management, scaling up was always in their sights.

What challenges they faced

Among some of their critical issues which they wanted to rectify were aspects like:

  • In-Depth Stock Management.
  • Unable to manage Purchase Cycle effectively.
  • Multiple Warehouse Management.
  • Unable to manage Franchise Level Setup Requirements.
  • Sorting of Bulk Purchased Items into Smaller definitions.
  • Improper Customer Management.
  • Lack of an Intuitive User Interface and staff’s inability to adapt to old software.

How did HDERP help 

HDERP since being a very customized software specifically targets the customer real-time problems. Even at the initial stages of implementation, HDERP on-boarding team tackled their above listed problems systematically while also educating their staff along the way. 

Here are some of the benefits that the Floor Manager pointed out specifically:

  • HDERP Intuitive User Interface helped their staff to properly navigate between modules and learn the fundamentally essential functionalities. It’s also now very easy for new staff to get acquainted with the software in minimum possible time.
  • It’s Robust Stock Management and Multiple Warehouse Management capabilities now helps ShreeJi Foods to have a real-time stock interpretation at any given moment. Plus all the redundant stock level tasks have been minimized. Through consolidated reports the Management is now able to have a birds-eye view of the stock.
  • Several Intuitive functionalities in the purchasing cycle helped in easing the stock management across several modules. They now spend half of the original time they used to originally spend on jotting down the purchased stock. 
  • Since HDERP has all the capabilities to manage Franchise Level Setup, they are now able to properly streamline all operations in a structured format. 
  • In terms of CRM, HDERP showed them that they could not only handle customer data but also essentially meet their Sales Targets and expectations. The modules that helped them grow in this area was Offer Management, Loyalty System Creation and Gift Card Management. All of these were accompanied with an integrated SMS and Email Marketing capabilities. 
  • More than anything, what helped them the most was the ability to centrally manage all high level data into structured reports. They were able to set all high priority reports on the Graphical Reports Dashboard and hence they got a consolidated view of essentially required data. 

Shreeji Foods uses several Inventory Reports available in HDERP, to help them streamline their businesses.

Hyper Drive Team has also been able to benefit from ShreeJi Foods Implementation Cycle as customers having similar business structures are taking their example to get their businesses streamlined. Also several Referral Customers have come through their campaign and shown their desire to tie up with HDPOS Products. We at Hyper Drive always strive towards offering best Implementation strategies to upcoming businesses by also taking into consideration our past implementations.