Serial Number Tracking for your Electronics Store

October 15, 2019 in Point of Sale

Serial Number Tracking for your Electronics Store

Need for Label management system

If you are into an electronic business or running an electrical shop then managing your inventory will become a tedious job without using a proper label management system. Every item in such business looks physically similar but it is actually differentiated by certain parameters like Design number, Model number, Serial Number, Battery Number etc.

For Eg: If you are running a mobile store, when you purchase any smart phones from your vendor; you receive it by certain quantities of certain brand. Let’s say you purchase Samsung phone of 5 quantities of same color from your vendor. When you look at from consumer point of view every phone looks the same by its physical view, color or by price. But in the retail business each of the phones is identified by certain unique attributes like IMEI number, Battery Number, Model Number etc. that are specified by the phone manufacturing companies.

Manage Inventory with Labels

It becomes very easy to track your inventory by such unique attributes with the help of Label management system. Controlling inventory is a difficult process that can be even more daunting without the use of serial numbers and inventory management software. With the help of serial management software you can define as many attributes you want for an Item to be identified uniquely in the system. Such system allows you to specify label number for each of the quantity you purchase from your vendor. With this it becomes very easy for you to check your inventory with the help of label numbers.

Track missing products by serial numbers

Every business maintaining inventory has to perform stock auditing for managing their business effectively. When the physical stock of an item does not match with the stock shown in the system, serial management POS allows you to correct the system stock according to the physical one. But, when the lost item has label number, we might have to determine the label number of the lost item. This can be facilitated with the help of label tracking management system.

Generate your custom labels

A powerful label management POS allows you to define your own labels apart from using labels that already exist on the item when you receive from your vendor. These labels that are defined by you can to be printed so that the label sticker can be stuck on appropriate items. Doing so helps you to conveniently scan the labels on the items while billing or during transferring the items to your different warehouse. This label management system allows you to print any of the labels that have been defined in the system to facilitate the same.

Faster billing by scanning labels

A Retail billing software with a complete solution for managing labels allows you to scan the label number while adding items to your invoice. On scanning the label number as you would scan the item’s barcode, the item gets added and the label is auto-selected for invoicing thereby helping the sales person at the billing counter to perform the task quicker.

Service and Repair

Almost every home and office has one form of electronic gadget or the other and over time, these gadgets will require maintenance, servicing and repair. This goes to show that there is indeed a large market for electronic repair shops. All you need to do to manage effectively with this type of business is to record the serial numbers as you sell. No warranty receipt, no worries the system can track the warranty period and the date of purchase made by your customer.

This serial management software helps you improve your inventory management enabling your staff to track serial numbers of electronics goods. Serial number tracking also improves customer service simplifying returns and managing warranties.

Serial number management features are quite matured in HDPOS smart due to their adoption by customers from wide variety of verticals, such as Electronic Stores,  Appliance Stores, Jewelry Stores and so on.