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Package Management

HDPOS provides you complete package management for your business. You can create packages which are valid for a certain period. Packages (sold/unsold) can be added in a visit
which later can be converted to sales invoice.

Salon package selling software

Define Packages

Define various types of packages as per your business needs. You can enter the number of services you are offering in a package. Apply discounts on selected or all services in a package. Our intuitive user interface provides you complete price break on package definition.

Sell Packages

Sell package to your customers. Have an expiry date for the packages created in your software. Activate / de-activate particular package as and when required. You can mark the packages as Inactive that are no longer used in the business.

Create visit with existing Package

If a customer has prepaid for the package before visiting for a service, you can sell the package without creating a visit/appointment. Later when customer books an appointment and if he/she says to add service from a package, you can select his / her sold package number and save the visit.

Notify Customers on Package Utilization

Whenever your customers call you to inquire about available/used up services from the package which he/she has purchased. At any point, you can easily check the sold package details and notify your customers about their package balances via SMS/Email. You can keep track of the usage history of the sold packages.

Create Visit with New unpaid Package

If your customer is choosing services from a package which is unpaid, you can save a visit with package payment status as unpaid. Later whenever customer walk-in for the service, you can receive pending package amount from the customer. This will be useful in businesses where customer calls you for an appointment and requests you to save an appointment with the package.

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