Salon Management Software in India: Benefits & Attributes

October 4, 2021 in Salon management

Salon Management Software in India: Benefits & Attributes

Managing a salon isn’t easy. You have to manage Inventory, Manpower, customer loyalty points, and appointments all at once. Salon Management Software in India: Benefits & Attributes can be defined withh HDSalon.

With multiple Software suits focussed on salon management, technology has made it easy for us. HDSalon is one such software suite that handles billing, inventory management, appointments, and memberships all at a single platform.  

Salon Management Software in India: Benefits & Attributes- HDSalon


A salon management software without billing is not worth the purchase. It should supports multiple modes of payments such as cash, card, bank transfer, gift card, check and even accepts split payments ie. half in cash and half by card/online. HDSalon is one such software that comes integrated with billing management and generates invoices.

Customer Management 

Customers are at the center of any business and with dedicated customer management in your software suite, you can send out SMS, Schedule appointments, Create packages and even add reward points. It must enable you to create promotional campaigns, offer discounts, issue gift coupons and create custom packages to increase sales. HDSalon is one such software suite that helps enable Custom Packages, SMS campaigns, and issue promotional coupons. 

Employee Management 

A good employee management software enables you to manage multiple aspects of your day-to-day businesses, that includes managing employee work hours, setting working days and track recurring hours, which also includes IN & OUT time of each employee. In addition to the aforementioned features, a good software suite must have a commission structure for the employees and  must be able to assign dedicated roles to your staff. 

Appointment Scheduling 

Scheduling appointments and sending reminders to your customers is important. Almost 50% of the customers show up late or don’t even show up post making an appointment. The software gives you a solution by sending an automated reminder SMS to the customers. This ensures that all your customers reach on time and you do not lose important working hours for the employee.  

Cloud Storage and Offline Management 

Most software suites today work on cloud storage rather than utilizing the physical storage space of your hard drive. One of the major advantages of cloud storage is that you don’t lose important data in the event of sudden power outages and failures. HDSalon is one such software suite offering offline as well as online operations that enables you to work even with slow or no internet access. 

With exponential growth in Indian Salon services and high customer awareness,you must have the right tools to provide your customers with state-of-the-art services. 

There are multiple software offerings in India and you must make a learned choice to ensure that the aforementioned attributes are present in the software that you choose for your Salon.