Revolutionize your Restaurant with a Modern Restaurant POS software

November 19, 2019 in Restaurant management

Revolutionize your Restaurant with a Modern Restaurant POS software

Restaurant management POS system has changed the way restaurants conduct business. For the small business owners in the restaurant industry, it has made life much easier. Technology is having a huge impact on restaurants everywhere.

Today, advanced-technology-based restaurant management systems are much more than mere transaction systems for accepting money and giving change. They are entire complex systems with all the tools for restaurant operations—everything from the big data analytics increasingly used in fast casual restaurants to the small details that also have a big effect on restaurant success.

What modern Restaurant Management System Does

Far from being just a transaction system, modern point-of-sale systems are all-in-one tools that streamline all restaurant operations. The more robust POS’s are omnichannel systems, meaning that they work across multiple channels for a seamless user experience, providing a holistic system with thorough management tools.
They are also built for ease of use across devices: For instance, various interfaces such as a tablet and phone can be used with no loss of information, and all payment types can be accepted into the same system.

There are many features and objectives of any restaurant management software which are basically designed to carry out the most common functions that include order taking, quality, billing and maintaining the accounts etc.

Simple Menu Set-up

Restaurant POS software come with dynamic and flexible menu listing along with the prices. Having a simple configuration and setup of menu designs inspires greater trust.

Tracking of Sales

A POS system is helpful to keep an analytics track of the bestselling items in the menu, the prices, peak time of sales in a day, location, and best servers for improving the business and reporting details for comparing the performances.

Moreover, as orders directly are synced with the main system, there are fewer chances of leakages at the time of billing. This leads to a reduction in wastage at the restaurant due to wrong order interpretation at the time of preparation or human error about a food portion at the time of billing, significantly improving a restaurant’s capacity to increase profit as every penny saved is a penny earned in the business world.

Order and Payment Facility

A secure payment process and table-side billing are some of the ways of attracting customers and increasing the guest satisfaction

Employee Management

With Restaurant Management system different access and security levels can be set up according to the business to calculate the sales performance and monitor the performance of the employee and calculate their payroll. Thus, it helps you in tracking the working hours and productivity of the employees.

Maintaining Customer Database

Restaurants tend to maintain a lot of customer information like transaction details, surveys for use in reward programs, functions, and other promotional activities, where such information becomes very valuable. Hence, restaurant POS software is expected to maintain such information with high security and use it for careful promotion and communications.

Digital Billing

Restaurant POS system lets your staff take orders and produces bills using any device like a mobile, tablet, desktop computer or large screen POS devices. Thus, it provides you the flexibility to reuse your existing hardware or start with low investment on hardware using a smartphone or tablet.

Recipe and Inventory Management

Restaurant management system makes it easy to define, plan, procure, and organize ingredients and recipes for your entire menu catalog. This will enable a restaurant owner to keep a close track of inventory based on sales and kitchen production automatically.

Reduced mistakes without handwritten notes

Instead of handwritten notes, a restaurant POS software allows orders to be taken directly on an Android smartphone or IOS tablet, and the orders are wireless transmitted to the kitchen. No orders are lost, and the risk for mistakes is significantly reduced. This will make you kitchen order system fast and efficient.

Speedy service

When a customer is ready to pay, the POS system generates the check directly from the order and card payments are processed right at the table. The receipt can be emailed or printed. You can also accept payment by cash or split bill in between tow or more customers easily. Customers appreciate prompter service and tables can be turned faster.

Easy to handle customers

New customer profiles can be added and existing profiles can be edited directly on the mobile device. Email addresses can be collected for marketing purposes.


The restaurant industry isn’t the only one that digital technology has changed, but it might be one of those that have been most significantly affected. Everything from marketing to customer service is now handled online. Incorporating the best restaurant POS software into your restaurant can actually make your employees and business more efficient while simultaneously boosting customer satisfaction levels. It is secure, easy to use and innovative. Best of all, you just might find that your happy customers are more likely to return.

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