HDRestaurant Wait List Android App

Use on your Android Phone or Tablet for managing your waiting customers.

Wait List Management App

HDWaitlist is a companion app that works with HDRestaurant Server. This app allows you to use your phone or Android device to add a customer in the Waitlist. This app allows you to create waitlist of the Customer from your phone and SMS customer about their Status. It is very easy to use with friendly interface. You can also Place, modify, or cancel Customer waiting anytime from your phone. In order to use this app, you will need to have your own HDRestaurant server installed or you will need a cloud account of HDRestaurant. Please note that: This is a companion android app that works with HDRestaurant server. The HDRestaurant server is a windows based client server application that can be downloaded from its download page 
It is required that you have HDRestaurant server installed and have a valid URL to your server. You will also need at least one windows desktop based client node for the complete functionality of HDRestaurant.

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Manage waiting customer with android app
Manage your waiting customer and notify them with SMS

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This is a companion Android App that works with HDRestaurant Server

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