Android App For Taking Customer Order

Use on your Android Phone or Tablet for Billing.

Order Taking App

This app allows you to manage your table orders in a very easy way. 
With this app, you can find an available table to get the customers seated and collect order to be sent to the kitchen. You can also add repeat orders from any other device. You can connect many devices to a single server and work on a central database. 
This app handles multiple locations too. If you have more than one restaurants connected to the central cloud server, this app will allow you to select the location you are currently at and show dining halls and tables of the selected location. 

This app also allows you to record instructions for a specific order which will be conveyed to the kitchen via KOT. A KOT (kitchen order token) can be printed on a printer that is connected to the server computer. 
Please note that: This is a companion android app that works with HDRestaurant server. HDRestaurant server is a window based client-server application that can be downloaded from its download page. It is required that you have HDRestaurant server installed and have a valid URL to your server. You will also need at least one windows desktop based client node for the complete functionality of HDRestaurant.

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Take orders from your customer using smartphone
Tablet android app for restaurant

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This is a companion android app that works with HDRestaurant Server.

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