Use on your Android and IOS devices for managing your Kitchen Order Token (KOT)


HDKOT is an android and IOS companion app that work with our HD Restaurant Windows based restaurant management application. This app can be installed on a smart phone or tablet to mange the kitchen order token (KOTs) generated by the orders received at the billing counter.

This app offers three different views:
1. Incomplete KOTs
2. Consolidated pending orders
3. Completed KOTs

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Manage waiting customer with android app
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Manage your delivery efficiently.
Color coded display to show you what is pending, what is ready to be delivered and what has already been delivered.
There are many settings to configure the app based on your workflow.
You can split individual item into multiple deliveries.

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Use Multiple Devices

Link more than one device to manage your kitchen order tokens.
Each device can have different set of kitchen order tokens or they can be synchronized with same list of kitchen order tokens.
Action taken on any one device will also reflect on all other devices
Very useful view of consolidates orders by items.

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