Restaurant Billing made simpler

April 4, 2020 in Restaurant management

Restaurant Billing made simpler

Here’s our newly added QSR Mode

An intuitive Touchscreen-friendly interface

Billing Screen

Introducing QSR Mode, an intuitively designed interface for processing orders faster than ever before.

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Fast Food Outlets have always struggled with getting orders processed swiftly while still having a backend that can manage in-depth Stock, Customer Loyalty Programs, reliable Day-end reporting. Look no further, with the newly launched QSR Mode customers can finally find everything under one roof. 

Let’s have a quick look at what’s new

Touch Screen friendly guided options

We realized that 90% of Quick Service Restaurants use touch-based POS hardwares. So we have designed all payment workflows and operations in a way that do not require the use of Mouse or Keyboard at any point of time.


Quick Select Popup Windows and Simplified Payment Screens have highly reduced the overall order processing time. It is estimated that now within 3 Taps (essentially 3 seconds) you can complete the Order. Just imagine how much time you will be saving now throughout the whole day. 

Daily Cash Register Closing Management

Enabling Day-Start and Day-End 

Managers can now open cash registers before the 1st shift for Billing and enter an Opening Balance along with it’s Denomination count. At day-end/shift-end the Casher can then close the Cash Register using a quick access button and enter in the Denomination count collected throughout the day/shift along with any possible additional notes. 

The Cash Register opening and closing will be Password Protected so only authorized personnel can access it. 

Tracking Cash Register Discrepancies

Businesses often report several cases of Cash Register discrepancies while calculating the cash register totals. To heed to their concerns we have programmed a Denomination Comparison Report to be triggered to the owner’s/manager’s email.

This report is triggered as soon as the Cashier Closes the day/shift. The report contains a comparison of the actual amount in the Cash Register versus the Demonintion count the Cashier has submitted. 

Paying Expenses from the Cashier Counter

Quite often Cashier’s are required to open the Cash Drawer and pay money from it for some miscellaneous expenses. For this we have added a Quick Cash Register open button along with the option to pay off the respective Expense through the popup window. 

Enhanced Customer Facing Display

These days every business emphasizes on customer loyalty schemes to drive customers into revisiting the store. Customer Facing displays are hence very popular to advertise new Offers and Schemes along with rendering the customer a wholesome experience of the order being taken.
Our enhanced features can now accommodate better visual representation of the ordered items along with better options to show Presentations/Videos for marketing purposes. 

New Modifier Item Flow

As every Fast Food Chain or a Quick Service Restaurant includes Combos/Modifier Items in their Menu, hence we too have made enhancements on this particular Item flow. 

The system now intuitively moves toward the next selection category as soon as we are done selecting one group of items. For a better understanding try it yourself here: Link

Newly Designed Mobile Billing App

Order management

We have even come with a Brand New Billing Application that has a Button-based touch interface. Now you can quickly select your items and complete the order from the App itself. The App’s development was again driven by understanding the importance of a Quick Billing Cycle with all important features being accommodated. 

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