Retail business during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 28, 2020 in Point of Sale

Retail business during the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The world is currently dealing with the outbreak of a pandemic disease Corona virus, COVID-19. This outbreak has slow down the global economy. A lot of countries have been lock down to slow down the spread of the COVID-19.

During this lock down period, a lot of business owners are worried about their business getting shut and losing customers.The way people live, shop and interact with each other has been disrupted. Although running the business is a bit challenging for the retailers during this period, we bring some of the points which will support in managing the Retail business.

Stay in touch with your customers

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During this times of crisis it becomes very important that we are in touch with our customers. It is worth even calling them and finding out how they are doing and how is their business. You can also send sms / email to your customers and inform them that your shop is still operating even during this crisis to provide the daily essentials .

Tell them about the additional measures you’re implementing in response to the corona virus pandemic, and reassure shoppers that their health and safety is your top priority. Let them know that they can shop with you still, either in store or online. As we have more time in hand, you can also write some articles about your business and what you offer. These articles can be shared on social posts and also links can be sent to your customers via emails.

Sanitize your shop

The very first step is to take care of yourself. Make sure you regularly clean the surfaces, doors, shelves and high touching spots in your shop. It is important that your customers are well informed about these measures. You can make some small messages on a paper like “We are sanitizing our shop every day” and stick them inside the shop and on the main door. You should also be sanitizing the shopping carts or baskets and make your customers aware of this.

Social distancing

Avoid crowding of customers at your shop. Educate your customers to stay at least 6 feet distance when they are in the shop. You can also see that at one time, you should only let certain amount of customers come inside the store. Take care of your employees, protecting your team during a public crisis makes all the difference in your staff’s well being. If any of your team member is unwell and feeling sick, let them stay at home. Enforce hand wash, face wash couple of times in a day and provide gloves to your employees when they are at cash register.

Bring your shop Online

Online Store management

As people are quarantined at their home they are not allowed to step out in public places. You can get your shop online quickly which will help people to order the daily essentials from the e-commerce website. Setting your business online will not only help your business run during this lock down period but also help the people staying safe at their places and get their daily essentials delivered rather than crowding at the shops and being getting infected by the spreading of the virus.

Home delivery options

Provide home delivery service to your customers for online orders. Make sure you use gloves and not touch your products with bare hands, this will also encourage your customers when they collect the orders at their doorstep.

Make decision

Now Retailers are experiencing a hard time as number countries are put under lock down. In this situation, the most ideal approach is to do business online. Hyper Drive products will help you to have your business online. Start your online store with HDPOS smart in very less time.

Want to bring your Store online? We are happy to assist.

Stay connected, stay online, keep selling