Manage your multiple stores with Offline Synch

Continue your billing in poor or no internet connection

Multiple POS system working together without internet

Working in disconnected mode

HDPOS smart Synch service can help you connect your multiple shops to single database. We will help you set up HDPOS smart Client – Server version at your location in such way that you will be able to connect all you locations over the internet.

This service will be useful if you are using internet and your own server or cloud server to connect more than one locations of your business.
Due to slow and unreliable Internet connections you may face slowness in the application and outages all together.

To work at a good performance and avoid system outage due to Internet connection availability, you can use synchronization service. With this service, you will be able to generate sales invoices at remote locations in Disconnected Mode.

You will be able to Synchronize your remote computer data with your server with a click of a single button on the remote computer. This will submit all invoices made remotely to the server and also download changes made in the central server to the remote database.

While using disconnected terminal mode:

You cannot perform all functions of the application in the disconnected mode. This is to keep the data integrity intact. It is strongly recommended that you synchronize your data with central server at least once a day. The time taken to complete the synchronization process will depend on how much data needs to be synchronized, speed of the internet connection, performance of the internet connection

Do not try to synchronize multiple terminals with the server at the same time. Single server will not be able to take all the load at once. Please schedule your disconnected terminals to be synchronized at a different times.

There are number of instruction and good practices you should follow while using disconnected terminals. Please go through the documentation in this regard and follow these instructions.

Additional Suggested Hardware

We strongly recommend UPS power back up to all your computers, server as well as Client. Make sure that in case of power failure, the systems are shutdown gracefully instead of abrupt shutdown. Abrupt shutdown can case database corruption and operating system corruption and we will not be able to recover your data in such situations.
External Hard disc or internet cloud storage to take regular database back up. Computer hard disc can fail anytime and it is recommended that you maintain a copy of database outside of your main computer. You can either take a back up on an external hard disc or pen drive or set up a mechanism to upload the database to your cloud account like drop box, google drive etc on a regular basis.

Virus protection and firewall software

Virus protection software and firewall software will block all applications trying to communicate over the network.
Virus protection / firewall software if any you are using, you will need to configure it to allow our applications’ network communications to go through.
Virus protection / firewall software may also cause performance impact as they take time to evaluate each packet going back and forth on the network.