Synch Service for Billing Software

Connect your multiple shops to single database

Auto server to server sync service system

Your computer as server on internet

HDPOS smart synch service can help you to connect your multiple shops to single database. We will help you set up HDPOS smart Client – Server version at your location in such way that you will be able to connect all your locations over the internet. Your data is centralized and is in your own server. It is not in third party control.
You do not have any monthly cloud recurring charges. All you need is an Internet connection and a static IP address. You can take complete control of your business that is spread over multiple locations at a very low cost.
All your database will be centralized. You will get consolidated reports of your business by sitting at one place.
We can also provide you with add on Report Service. You can check all your reports through any internet browser or your mobile phones.


One Static IP on server location would be required from your Internet Service provider
If static IP address is not feasible, we can help you set up a 3rd party application to work with dynamic IP address but static IP address is preferred.
Your server computer will have to be powered on and available on the internet all the time when you want to access it from other location.
Your internet service provider MUST provide in-bound traffic to your server.
If there is a network problem in reaching your server over the Internet, you will have to work with your Internet provider. We will not be able to help with network and connectivity issues.
Connectivity problems between your computers in your LAN (Local network) are not our responsibility. You will have to manage hardware and network issues on your own.

At Server Computer:
If you are hosting your own server on the internet:
You need to have a good (minimum 2MB) UPLOAD speed. Please note that this will not give you the same performance as the local server.
Please note that most internet connection providers provide low upload speed and only mention download speeds in their advertisements and documentation. Please verify upload speeds you are getting.

At Client Computer:
Minimum speed required is 2MB. . Please note that this will not give you the same performance as the local server. This is the bare minimum.

Internet upload speed and download speed

Please note that working over the internet is slower than working in local network or working on single computer. Most internet speeds are still close to 2-4mb where as LAN speeds to 100mb and single computer communication speed is even more than 100MB.
Also performance over the internet depends on many other factors besides speed advertised by the provider. Network congestions, partial network outages in your server geographical area as well as client geographical area will also matter.
Please also note that client needs to be able to connect with server over the network. Internet can be down partially. You may be able to reach popular sites but yet not able to reach your server from your client computer. It is like being able to go to some part of your city but not to some other parts due to partial road closers in your city.
Not all internet providers assure incoming traffic. Your server, to access over the Internet, will require incoming traffic to be accessed from your other location. Airtel 4G connection does not support incoming traffic and cannot be used to connect your server to the internet.
Compare the difference between 2MB internet speed and 100MB local server speed and set your expectations of performance accordingly. You will not get the same performance experience while using the server that is being accessed over the internet as you get while using your local server or local computer.
We will not be responsible for configuring your third party software like virus protection software. You will need to work with your virus protection software vendor to provide our application the necessary access to network and to the hardware.
We will suggest and help with configurations of your network.