HDPOS smart on Cloud

Manage your multiple retail stores with HDPOS smart cloud server

Cloud based billing software

Why should I use cloud services?

To manage and monitor your multiple retail outlets from a central location.Manage stock transfers at multiple location from a centralized warehouse.Check stock availability and sales at any location.
Access your business from anywhere in world with simple internet connection.

What does HDPOS smart cloud service provide?


We provide you a centralized server completely managed by us.
We assure of its 24/7 up time.
HDPOS smart will be updated with every new release.
You do not have to invest in expensive server hardware and software and its up time
Get started at a very low cost.


Manage separate price list, tax structure, offers
as per location.
Manage your sales return from any location.
Single customer database to recognize your customer database at any location.
Central loyalty point accumulation for your customer. Central financial account per customer to accumulate customer dues and store credit at various location.
Instant integration with your e-commerce website
Single database for your online and offline customers

Work on multiple system without internet connectivity

SYnchronization Service

Need Cloud solution but do not have good internet connection?

One of the basic requirements for our cloud service is a good internet connection. If you are at a location where getting, at least 4 Mbps internet connection is not feasible HDPOS smart offers you the ability to work as a disconnected terminal.

In disconnected terminal mode you will start with data from central database like price list, item list, stock, etc and prepare invoices on the local terminal without connection to central server ( offline).

At end of the day, at a suitable interval for you, with a single button click, you can send all your offline invoices to a server and update your local data with server updates that might have occurred when you were working offline.

Though disconnected terminal has a disadvantage of not giving you up to date information of your business you can still have centralized control and centralized view in a controlled fashion. We suggest using the online mode as long as possible to get the best benefits of cloud services.