HDPOS smart Billing and Inventory Management Software

With unmatched feature list, this retail POS billing software will handle all your business needs from billing, inventory, accounting, CRM, book-keeping, and business reporting.

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Inventory management software with pictorial representation

A point of sale platform powerful enough to run your entire Retail

HDPOS is windows-based point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. HDPOS integrates with the most popular point of sale hardware, bar-code scanners and with a variety of payment solutions. Get HDPOS and manage your first, second and every other location with a single system. 

POS Software

Applicable to many business types

Very easy to use and very versatile to fit into all situations


Feature-rich Point of Sale (POS) software for retail store

Perfect POS solution to manage your retail business. You will love the intuitive picture based interface and tons of features it has to offer. Single platform for point of sale, real-time reporting.

set of hardware supported by hdpos
Easy Billing

An intuitive user interface. Quick check out with or without barcode and earn customers satisfaction.


Keep track of your inventory with multiple warehouse. Get reports on non-moving and expiry items. Set Reorder level to optimize stock.


Financial book-keeping with auto transaction and all the way to profit loss reports.


Manage your customer list. Build customer loyalty with customer display. Scheme and promotions.


Create your own data fields. Barcode label designing and printing. Customize your sales invoice with your branding.


Get to know what you are selling, what are your fast moving items. Keep reorder levels and never lose a sale.


Works on any windows computer, laptop and tablet. No need to be tied up with any hardware. Quickly install on your computer and get started.


Accept payments from customers in cash, card, credit, check, gift cards, bank transfers. Integrated with leading merchant accounts.

Offline Service

Seamlessly work offline when your internet is down and synch your data later. Never miss a sales.

We give you ACCURATE reports

Be on top of your business with our Reports

Day closing

Day Closing Report includes total transactions, total sales, and breakdowns of cash flow, and tender type.

Daily sales reports

Your total sales collection with various payment modes along with category and items that got sold.

Cash register collection

Match your cash drawer slips with total of your invoice sales. Balance your books of accounts.

Stock in hand

At any time check your current stock with sale and purchase value of your stock. Get your low stock reports.

Purchase vs Sales

Purchase vs sales gives your total purchase and sales with FIFO.

Tax reports

Get detailed tax report for sales and purchase. View total tax collected by location or item.

Features that puts us ahead of our competitors

  • Sales, inventory control, financial accounting, Analytical reports 
  • Customer loyalty,  advanced offers, and promotions, customer grouping
  • Multiple price lists, gift cards, integrated promotional email, and text messages 
  • Designing and printing of barcode stickers, custom invoice design, product catalog printing 
  • Extensive bill of material (BOM) support, production planning  
  • Weight scale integration
  • Multilingual support. Get a complete user interface in the language of your choice
  • Integration with various payment gateways, customer display screen, support for Pole display
  • Stock transfers, stock in transit, franchise business, multiple currencies
  • Flexible tax definitions, GST and VAT, tax filing reports
  • Dynamic sub-grouping of SKU's, suggestions for re-orders, purchase history.

Companion Android App

Companion Android App

Use on your Android Phone or Tablet for Billing.

This is a companion app that works with HDPOS Server. This app allows you to use your phone or android device as a Point of sale (POS) terminal. 

You can make invoices from your smartphone and print the invoices to the printer connected to your server.

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Online Store

Integrated e-commerce Solution

We provide a unique feature of an integrated e-commerce website. If you have our software then having your own website is just one click away. Items in your shop can be available for online sail instantly.

You don't need to spend huge amounts to get your website developed. No need to go through regular hardship of data management between your offline shop and your online website. You need to try our website integration to believe how easy it is to get online. You will be able to sell in-store as well as on-line seamlessly. There are multiple responsive templates you can choose from. Accept payments from your customer on your online shop.
We will integrate your payment gateway.

Online garment Store integrated with POS system

HDPOS smart

A state of the art retail POS software that is designed to automate retail billing counters and point of sale terminals. It is especially good at handling inventory and financial accounting besides billing activities.
This can be used all type of business setups starting from small one store locations to large businesses with multiple stores and multiple departments.
The features are not limited only to retail outlets but it can also provide a rich functionality list to manufacturers by maintaining bill of materials, make plans, manufacturing cost estimates.
Furthermore it handles servicing and repairing centers by keeping all information about the gadget submitted by the customer and managing the workflow.

Small and Medium Size Business?

Get your business automated with HDPOS easy and HDPOS lite billing software

easy to use business management software


HDPOS easy is a lightweight easy billing and inventory software for your small and medium size business. This retail shop small business billing POS system helps you manage billing, inventory, and financial accounting. Billing software for small business helps you customize your bill printing and design and print your barcode stickers with ease.

Download HDPOS easy for your retail store and enhance the retail shopping experience for your customers.


HDPOS Lite billing software specially designed for small business or single shop is a low-cost product to get you started with automation. This product gives you features that are of much more than it’s worth. It’s easy to use and quick to learn billing system. It has all the necessary features for you to do sales, purchases, stock management, and financial accounting. 
It has predefined sales invoice formats that are very standard, it has plenty of reports that are sufficient for you to analyze your business and manage your tax.

easy and liteweight retail billing system

Access your Reports via smart phones 

Reach out to your business form anywhere via Reports App. This app allows you to use your phone or android device to run the reports which are used in your business at any time of the day you want. You can save the reports in the PDF, HTML or Excel format in your android device. It is very easy to use with friendly interface.

Book store management POS with android app

Happy Customers!

Join thousands of satisfied customers using our product globally.

It has everything we need to run our business and its interface is user-friendly.
Customer support is also top notch.

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Saleh N

Very reliable and real value for money.Your technical team are always online to offer support when needed and the features and numerous possibility of report customization is outstanding.

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Easy billing process and updates are also good , and the tutorials are useful in times when we forget any process.
All our outlets have this software and it has made the store staff efficient in handling the stock and sales very effectively.

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Easy to work with, nice support team that are helpful and always willing to update / change software to suit needs.

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Good quality and easy to use software with excellent features and perfect customer support from the team.
They are really concerned about providing solutions to customer issues.

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Harsha A

User friendly as it really made it easy for a nontechnical person like me and pocket-friendly. Best support service. Reports customized as per my business need. GST report was very easily defined as per Govt. norms.

Alternative Text
Mr. Jose T

User-Friendly and Good Support from the team. Good UI, Availability of online tutorials, Support Response, Management is very keen to resolve bugs. Able to automate the billing in counters and outlets

Alternative Text
Jaya Ganesh

Great Product. Great Price. Great Support. Easy & Fast POS Billing, Real-time data through Auto SMS & mail, User level security, Telly data transfer, Stock Management, User level flexibility for customization, etc.

Alternative Text
Ketan P

The cash register is under control, Everyday sales and activities are recorded. A POS that provides full control of your daily sales, inventory control and many other features needed to run your business

Alternative Text
Mazen Z

Easy to use software with best customer support.
In the software overall integration between different departments (modules) are amazing. The support service is the best for this software.  

Alternative Text
Mitesh T

Best & easy POS software for work & especially GST reports uploading GST returns. Pictorial Feature is the best option which makes it more attractive, also Price List option is good to add multiple prices.

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Ahsas B.

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Join thousands of satisfied customers using our products globally.

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