Why should I use A Cloud Based- Online POS Solution?

October 19, 2021 in Cloud POS Software

Why should I use A Cloud Based- Online POS Solution?

POS i.e: Point of sales solutions have been the slaves of dedicated hardware and barcode scanners for years. But lately Online POS or Cloud-based POS have become a major hit with small, medium, and even large retailers. What is an Online POS and how does it work?

A cloud-based POS software works as a SAAS ie. Software as a Service platform that uses your mobile device, tablet, or computer to function as a POS terminal, generating Online invoices, Receive payments, and increasing accessibility. 

What are the Advantages of using an Online POS solution?

Online POS solutions are a major boon especially for the small and medium-sized retailers who are just starting up. Here are some of the points that go in favor of using an Online POS. 

Increased Accessibility

Online POS systems increase accessibility to a very large extent. You can be in a restaurant taking orders on a Tab or at a Jewelry shop asking customers to make immediate payments without waiting in line at the sales desk. 

Low Subscription Costs 

Most retailers are moving away from cash registers and subscribing to the low-cost alternative of an Online POS. It offers cheap, efficient, and easy-to-use solutions. You just need a web browser and a working internet connection.

Cloud-Based Data Storage

Cloud storage is a major hit, and online POS solutions offer complimentary cloud-based storage that ensures that none of your sales and financial data is lost to a natural calamity or a hardware malfunction. Today, businesses subscribe to cloud storage such as google drive and pay a substantial sum each month for the reliability and efficiency of it.

Online Sales and Analytics 

With a cloud-based POS, everything is online. You get access to all the financial, sales, and other data at the click of a button. All you need is a working internet connection and you are good to go. 

Automatic updates and troubleshooting 

Like a traditional card-based POS machine, you do not need to update the software frequently. Online POS offers automatic software updates along with 24*7 customer support for troubleshooting. This makes it highly reliable as compared to the traditional POS that often malfunctions for multiple reasons. 

Real-Time Sales and Inventory Update

Online POS solutions offer real-time sales and inventory updates. Instead of checking your stock manually each time, you can see an auto-updated dashboard that updates your inventory as soon as an invoice is punched into the system. 


An online POS is a far better and cheaper alternative to the traditional hardware and cash registers. It allows easy access, automatic updates, real-time inventory, and sales data along with online storage that makes it an upcoming market leader.