Making Business Operations Smarter for Flames of the Forest

December 25, 2020 in Customer Success

Making Business Operations Smarter for  Flames of the Forest

About Flames of the Forest

Mrinalini Cariapa, founded Flames of the Forest which is an exclusive collection of designer jewelry of rare semi-precious gems and stones handcrafted into unique wearable jewelry. It was founded in 2006 and located in Whitefield, Bangalore. The passionate designer travels extensively to source rare semi-precious gems like Coral Fossil, Jaspers, Solar Quartz, Lodolite and sets them in Sterling Silver, turning them into unique wearable jewelry. 

Besides making jewellery, the young designer holds workshops – a great way for a layperson to get hands-on experience designing and crafting jewellery. In the last few years, her unusual designs have gained immense popularity. 

Flames of the Forest is currently using HDPOS Smart to manage it’s business operations.

Initial Challenges they came across

Flames of the Forest were collectively facing a series of mismanagement related problems. They needed a POS that was able to track special orders from multiple customers and at the same time managing inventory in a centralized manner.

Sorting items with appropriate fields

As Flames of the Forest is into the jewelry business, their main requirement was to be able to track important Item properties to products like color, type of gems, size etc. The same properties would also be required to organize their products in an explicit manner.

Managing stock at any time

It is a very important task for them to be aware of the real-time stock which helps them understand what products are to be prepared for upcoming customers.

Customer’s pending payments

They were facing the challenge of efficiently being able to track what set of customers had pending payments with the store. They wanted to outline these set of people and send them regulated reminders.

Customized Barcode Designs

Another major challenge was to design their own barcode stickers and print them. This was an important aspect in understanding what’s already available in the store and making the purchase and sales process easier.

Integrated Online Shop

Because of the nature of the business, it was important for them to understand the influx of customers coming in from the Online platforms. They now wanted to capture all of these orders successfully through a beautifully created website giving customers the ability to place orders online.

Solutions offered by HDPOS Smart

  • HDPOS Smart enabled Flames of the Forest team to create custom fields as per their business requirement and they are now quickly able to find the products by barcode, item name, search code or description with the in-built search functions.
  • Since as soon as a Sale is made or a Purchase Entry is done, the stock gets reflected in real-time, hence they are able to manage correct stock levels. At the end of the month, they would also use the Stock Adjustment function to do a Stock Audit. 
  • With the support of the receive payments feature in HDPOS Smart, they are now able to receive the pending payments from their customers anytime they want to. Sometimes customers aren’t able to pay the full amount, HDPOS also gives them the ability to manage this.
    Now, they are able to generate a report of all these pending payment customers and send them weekly reminder emails.
  • HDPOS Smart team was able to design a custom barcode sticker design for their business with their proper branding at the time of their implementation. This also included additional fields such as weight, color, etc. This now helps them manage all internal item related workflows through quick Barcode Scanning.
  • They were able to manage their custom jewelry items by defining a basic BOM and edit the same at the time of manufacturing
  • HDPOS Team was able to craft a custom-designed website for their business. A lot of the aspects of the website were such which their internal team could themselves change on a daily basis. They often changed and applied several offers in HDPOS Backend which would reflect on the website and help them drive up their sales.


Flames of the Forest team were able to grow into what they had envisioned for themselves.
They love the convenience that came with managing the stock through quick barcode scanning. They also thought that managing software implies complexity and a lot of upkeep. But after a couple of months of usage they were able to get rid of this notion and understand how well HDPOS Smart was able to tie in with all business aspects. This eventually helped them make smarter decisions on a day to day basis.

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