Stock Correction

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HDPOS Smart- Stock management software provides many intuitive ways of managing , tracking and correcting your stock. With this stock inventory management software you can regularly track and correct your physical stock to match with your database.

To learn how to correct your system stock to match with your physical stock, check out our tutorial:

HDPOS Smart supports EXCEL files while doing stock correction. You can use excel sheet to upload your item list for stock correction. If you want to learn how to upload item list, check out our tutorial:

Hold/Pick Held Stock Correction

You can keep a Stock Correction document on hold until the discrepancy in it is resolved. If you want to learn how to hold stcok correction, check out our tutorial:

If you want to learn how to pick held stock correction document , check out our tutorial:

 Dump Stock Correction

HDPOS Smart also takes care of damages, dumps happening in your stock. Example, perishable items like bread, vegetables, milk products which have a very short shelf and will to be dumped due to their expiry or unusable condition.

To learn how to do a dump stock correction in HDPOS Smart, check out our tutorial: