Purchase Orders

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Purchase Order

Quickly create a purchase order for the products running below reorder level. Choose the supplier with the least price, preferred supplier, or last supplier from where the product was purchased. You can export the purchase order into Excel, print and send it to the supplier via email to supplier in one click.

If you want to lean how to create a purchase order for items below reorder level, check out our tutorial: https://tutorials.hyperdrivesolutions.com/tutorials/How-to-generate-a-Purchase-Order-for-stock-below-reorder-level

Instead of adding items one-by-one, you can use excel sheet to upload your item list. If you want to learn how to upload item list to purchase order, check out tutorial: https://tutorials.hyperdrivesolutions.com/tutorials/How-to-import-items-in-Purchase-Order

Purchase Return

Manage purchase return for overstock, recalled, or damaged goods. Auto adjustment of stock and financial accounts once transaction is made.

If you want to learn how to create purchase return damaged goods, check out our tutorial: https://tutorials.hyperdrivesolutions.com/tutorials/How-to-add-a-purchase-return-entry

HDPOS Smart let’s you edit purchase return documents. If you want to learn how to edit purchase return, check out our tutorial: https://tutorials.hyperdrivesolutions.com/tutorials/How-to-edit-Purchase-Return

If you want to learn how to upload item list to purchase return screen, check out our tutorial: https://tutorials.hyperdrivesolutions.com/tutorials/How-to-do-purchase-return-of-many-items-with-excel-upload