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Adding GST slabs

HDPOS Smart – GST compliance software provides you Flexibility of defining complex tax structures especially management of cess, excise, and additional taxes which are calculated over other tax amount

Flexibility of defining how tax needs to be calculated based on In-state and Out-state. GST set up in HDPOS smart is very simple and easy, you can just click on a button and get all the GST taxes ready to use in your system. You can change your tax definitions in the way tax applicability changes from time to time.

To learn how create GST tax slabs in HDPOS smart, check out our tutorial:

GST (In Sate/Out State) – Item Level

HDPOS smart allows you to define In Sate and Out State taxes at Item Level that are applicable for your Sales and Purchases based on the Place of Supply or Place of Taxation.

To learn how to define In Sate and Out State taxes for Item, check out our tutorial :

GST (In Sate/Out State) – Invoice Level

HDPOS smart provides flexibility to manage Inter-State and Intra-State taxes for your Purchases and Sales by changing the tax of the items or change the tax percent at the time of making invoice based on the nature of supply.

To change the sales tax based on the nature of supply (place of supply), check out our tutorial: