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HDPOS lets you easily set up employee profiles, job role, pay rates, sales commission, and access rights. You can also control employee access to discounts and price editing during billing.

Adding Employees

You can add employees details individually and in bulk using an Excel file

Employee Manager Click the link below to learn how to add employee details individually from Employee Manager.


Importing Employees via Excel file – Add your employee list to HDPOS Smart via excel file. Click the link below to learn how to add your employee list via excel sheet.


Setting Login Credentials

With HDPOS you can define login details of each employee and provide or restrict access to specific functionalities in the application based on their designation.


Manage employee access to company/ business location. If you want to learn how restrict employee access to company / business location, check out our tutorial: https://tutorials.hyperdrivesolutions.com/tutorials/How-to-manage-logins-for–multiple-companies

Employee User Fields

With employee user fields you can create your own fields as per your business requirements. Click the link below to learn more about employee user fields.