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We understand that every business is different, and so each business needs a custom POS solution that suits its business needs.You can customize HDPOS Smart to meet the specific needs of your retail business. These can include:

  • Creating Custom Field
  • Resizing Button UI
  • Translation in regional languages
  • User Interface
  • Report Customization


In HDPOS smart you can translate any text displayed in application to your regional language. Click the link below to learn how to translate a text to your regional language.

Custom Fields

You can create different custom-fields according to your business requirements in HDPOSsmart. These custom fields can hold different values, and serve different purposes depending on the ‘type’ of custom fields. Click the link below to learn more about custom fields in HDPOS Smart

Currency and Number Format

While setting up the application you would need to change the currency and the number formats appropriately. Be it the INR, USD or any other currencies, the application supports the use of such currencies. Also, the number formats, such as the number of digits after the decimal point can be changed easily in HDPOS Smart.

If you want to learn how to configure currency and number format, check out our tutorial:

Business Logo

If you want to learn how to add your company logo, check out our tutorial: