Label Management

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HDPOS provides extensive functionality to manage and track serial numbers and label numbers. 

Add Items with Label Headings

Assign label number for your inventory items that requires unique serial number for tracking . To learn how to assign label number to an item, check out our tutorial:

Add Items without Label Heading

To learn how to add label item without label heading, check out our tutorial:

Assign Label Number

Most of the times labels like IMEI number, Serial Number, Battery Number, etc., are given to items by default. If you want to define your own labels for items, the following ways are there in HDPOS smart

Upload via Excel file – To learn how to add label number via excel file, check out our tutorial:

Label Manager- To learn how to add label number via excel file, check out our tutorial:

Bulk upload Label Numbers – To learn how to upload label numbers for all items in bulk, check out our tutorial:

Find Missing Label Number

To learn how to find missing label number, check our tutorial:

Print Label Number

In HDPOS Smart you can print label numbers. To learn how to print label numbers, check out our tutorial:

Scan Label Number

Add item by Label Number – allows user to add the products to an sales invoice simply, by scanning the label Numbers associated with that item.

To learn how to scan label number to add item to sales invoice, check out our tutorial:

Transfer Label Number

Transfer label number from one warehouse to another. To learn how to transfer from one warehouse to another warehouse, check out our tutorial:


Assign labels to your items at time of GRN. To learn how to assign label numbers to items at time of GRN, check out our tutorial: