Item Management

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HDPOS smart will help you manage all your products in a very effective manner. Whether are you are selling goods or services everything will be handled by the software with ease.

Add/Import Items

You can add item details individually and in bulk using an Excel file

Item Manager – Click the link below to learn how to add item details individually from Item Manager

Importing Item via Excel file – Import your item list to HDPOS Smart via excel file. Click the link below to learn how to upload your item list via excel sheet.

Edit Item Details

For editing multiple items details such as the values in user field, item attributes, HDPOS Smart provides Bulk Edit functionality, to learn how update item details using bulk edit functionality, check out our tutorial:–existing-items-in-HDPOS-smart

You can also update item price details via excel file. To learn how update item details via excel file, check out our tutorial:–existing-items-in-HDPOS-smart

Item Category

Create and organize your products with hierarchical product categories. Order them by category and sub-categories. To learn how to add item categories in HDPOS Smart., check out our tutorial :

Custom Fields

Add your own fields to products e.g.: size, color, manufacturer, brand, group. To learn how to add your own item fields in HDPOS Smart, check out our tutorial:

Alternate Barcode

Configure multiple barcodes for the same product with alternate or custom barcode. To learn how to add EAN numbers for your items, check out our tutorial :

Item Image

Adding images to an item makes identification of the item quicker. Adding images is a very useful feature especially for garment industries, footwear shops etc.

To learn how to add item image, check out our tutorial:

HDPOS smart provides you the facility to add more than one image for an item. These additional images will not be seen anywhere in the application, it will only be useful for displaying the same in portal (something like different views of an item). To learn how to add additional images for items, check out our tutorial: