BOM (Bill of Material)

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A bill of materials (BOM) is a comprehensive inventory of the raw materials, assemblies, sub-assemblies, parts and components, as well as the quantities of each, needed to manufacture a product. In a nutshell, it is the complete list of all the items that are required to build a product.

Example: If you want to assemble a computer you need RAM, Hard disc, CPU frame, Processor. If you are making a Pizza you will need flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, and eggs and so on.

Define BOM

Defining Bill of Material is simply a listing of all components that will be used to create / produce / assemble the final Inventory Assembly item. To learn how to define BOM for an item, check out our tutorial:

For Garment Store: To learn how BOM management functionality helps garment business, check out our tutorial:

Manual Make

When you receive a bulk orders, this feature helps you manage the manufacturing process, maintain revisions. To learn more about manual make functionality, check out our tutorial:

Update BOM

Add/remove components – Simply add or remove the component from the BOM. To learn how to add/remove BOM components, check out our tutorial:

Auto Make

Our Auto-make feature makes your end product automatically. To learn more about Auto Make feature, check out our tutorial:

Sell Item as a Pack or Individual Piece

Generally as a retailer you may be purchasing your items from wholesale shops and selling them at your store. There are some instances where you may be purchasing an item as a packet (for instance a pack of 5 pens) and maybe selling it as a packet or individual pens.

Make Plan

Make Plan help businesses ensure raw materials are available to production, manage the manufacturing process, maintain revisions, and track the financials.

Break Invoice Item

This feature user to sell main item (BOM Item) or child items i.e. BOM elements. e.g.

  • Receive a packet which has shirts of same brand/ style but different sizes.
  • HDPOS gives you ability to sell Packet as a whole or sell individual shirts in the packet.

To learn more about Break Invoice Item feature, check out our tutorial: