How K Mart associated with HDPOS SMART

August 24, 2020 in Customer Success

How K Mart associated with HDPOS SMART

About K Mart Store

Established in the year 2019, K Mart in Mangalagiri, Guntur is a top player among the supermarkets in Andhra Pradesh. This is a well-known establishment that acts as a one-stop destination for customers from the Guntur region and the other connected parts. Over the course of its journey, their business has established a firm foothold in it’s industry. 

At present K Mart is using HDPOS smart and it’s integrated Online Shop to streamline its Offline and Online operations. 

Challenges K-Mart wanted to overcome

  • Prior to the implementation of HDPOS Smart they were facing a major challenge of purchase entry workflow management. They wanted to simplify the whole process down to its teeth.
  • All of their Items have different Purchase costs that range over different time periods. One of their challenges was to have a system that could compare their old item purchase prices with the new ones.
  • K Mart also struggled with the need for an easy item creation process, trouble-free ways of identifying items and setting up unique Item Fields to display different attributes of particular items.

Solutions offered by HDPOS Smart

HDPOS Smart assisted with its unique features which were easy to implement and added simplicity to their business. Its powerful inventory management, purchase, order management and coupon generation particularly came to K Mart’s rescue.

  •  HDPOS Smart helped by managing all the products in a very effective manner. To identify the products easily certain filters and item fields such as Brands, Product Types etc were set up. So now customers found it super easy to order products Online. 
  • K Mart was also able to cross compare their Online Sales performance vs their In-Store sales figures. 
  • HDPOS Smart also offered a real-time Inventory control between Online and In-Store Billing which helped them understand their minimum Stock requirements.
  • It helped them create Offers that could be circulated in the form of coupons. These were then used by customers In-Store and Online which thereby built crucial customer loyalty. 
  • HDPOS smart also gave them Analytical Insights that further helped them understand what their current customers wanted and how to modify their workflows accordingly. 


K Mart started using HDPOS Smart from May 2019. They now feel quite content based on how their business has picked up since adopting the simple to use workflows. Also, they feel amazed by how easily they are now able to keep a firm grip over their Online and In-Store operations.

They have also gone ahead and Referred 4-5 clients who have further benefited from HDPOS Products. In a nutshell, they now plan to build upon their current momentum and never look back.

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