Iskcon Temple – Bangalore

November 21, 2019 in Customer Success

Iskcon Temple – Bangalore

About Iskon Temple

Touchstone Foundation, an independent trust associated with ISKCON Bangalore, has been involved in a venture to generate the funds required for sustaining charitable initiatives. As part of this venture the Touchstone Foundation Gift Division – offers devotional apparel, devotional audios, videos and handicrafts called Dakshinakriti.

Choosing HDPOS

They needed a POS
that was able to handle their inventory, track special orders from multiple
devotes at once while efficiently managing inventory in a centralized manner to
track sales from different counters.

  • Item Collection feature of HDPOS helped to group products in different counters depending on the values of the item attributes and these collections are assigned to a cash register. This was followed by restricting the billing of certain items from a certain cash register (counter). This feature was very useful for the foundation since they have multiple counters and they wanted to make bills of only specific items from a specific cash register.
  • Our Inventory Management Tools provided an easy and quick way to do stock audits while finding discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
  • Foundation sells locally-produced handicrafts and unique items hence they needed a software system that generates barcode stickers. HDPOS provided the tools to design their own barcode stickers and print them either on a roll of stickers or on a sheet of stickers.
  • Using HDPOS’s extensive and custom Reporting Tools, they could accurately track Inventory and Sales from different counters.
Store management


In addition to being highly efficient in terms of Quick Billing, these features assisted the foundation to centrally manage counters with ease. The key functionalities include management of sales, purchases, inventory, taxation, financial accounting, suppliers, employees and customers.