Important Features of Automated Restaurant POS Software

February 12, 2020 in Point of Sale

Important Features of Automated Restaurant POS Software

Technology is ruling the world in various ways. From purchases to sales, every aspect of our life uses technology in one way or another. Restaurants are no different. With more and more people preferring to dine outside, eateries, diners, pubs, hotels, fast food centers, etc. are upgrading their business management system to keep up with the latest technology.

There are various versions of restaurant software solutions that help the management in streamlining the orders, managing takeaways, deliveries, managing tables, halls, printing bills, and much more.

While bigger restaurants definitely require restaurant software to manage the rush, small and medium-sized restaurants, food courts, and tiffin centers also find this software beneficial. It doesn’t just help in streamlining the business but also saves time and reduces errors due to miscommunication among the staff. Maintaining accounts is also simpler with this software.

Let us take a detailed look at some of the best and most useful features of Restaurant Software India.

Table Management

  • Managing the tables and the waiting list during the peak business hours can be a tough task for the staff. Every customer has to be accommodated and cared for with equal attention. The software will help in tracking which tables are filled and how long it might take for the table to be available again. From reservations to merging tables and shifting them, this feature helps in handling all aspects related to the seating arrangement and tables.

Order Management

  • All types of orders can be managed on a single screen. Takeaways, deliveries, serving, special orders, etc. can be viewed from the same dashboard. The orders can be filtered based on date, time, type, and status. This will help in staying updated about how fast the orders are being completed.
  • The software should offer different pricelists based on the sitting area, take-outs, deliveries as well as restaurant location. It should also support various offers and prices based on customer groups.

Accounts and GST

  • Managing accounts and GST is now easy with restaurant software India. The GST compliance feature will allow the management to change the tax definitions and the way tax is applicable for various products. The billing amount is calculated and detailed with the tax percentage so that the customer can get a final copy of the bill with all the details.

Batch Management

  • Managing inventory is yet another complex task for restaurants. Tracking the products using batch numbers, maintaining a list based on expiration dates, making invoices, selling the items in a particular order, etc. are handled using this feature.

Employee Management

  • All records related to each employee can be stored in the database. Every employee can be provided with a user account and login information to check their employment status. At any point in time, specific employee details can be accessed to check how the person is performing.

Graphical Reports

  • Analyzing business methods is crucial to keep the business running. To adopt new changes, make better marketing or business decisions, manage stock, and track employee performance, the information has to be processed and presented in a simpler way. Graphical reports can be generated to understand how the restaurant is performing and what changes need to be made to get better results.


  • The software supports multiple printers, ranging from Laser printers to the latest barcode printers. Using multiple printers at once is also possible with this software. Selecting a default printer, asking for printing format on each printer, printing numerous copies of the invoices, etc. are possible with this feature.

Restaurant Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Managing inventory is essential so that you never have stock shortage. Restaurant software should assist you in ensuring that you have ample stock to cater to guests. Using a restaurant inventory management software, you can define recipe of each menu item. It will help you know at a glace the price of each menu taking into account the cost of ingredients.
  • An inventory management software will provide you a clear idea on the items you are selling more and prepare accordingly. You can remove slow moving items from your menu and focus on those items which are more profitable.

Integrated with 3rd party ordering service

  • At present, ther are several platforms like Zomato, Swiggy and Foodpanda which have made it easier for restaurant owners to deliver ordered items on time. This gives them an opportunity to showcase their menu to a larger audeince and boost sales. A restaurant POS needs to be integrated with these services to take orders directly and manage delivery. Once the order is fulfilled, the stock will be reduced from the system.

Restaurants can opt for the trial version of the software before purchasing the full version. Contacting the software providers will help them choose restaurant software that meets the business requirements.