Hyper Drive Information Technologies License Agreement Terms

(These terms are for all the customers using our Products)

Acceptance of Terms
  1. Thank you for choosing Hyper Drive Information Technologies Software. Please read these terms of service with care before using the products offered. This is a binding legal contract between Hyper Drive Information Technologies Private Limited and the Individual or Legal entity identified below (Customer).
  2. These terms of use ("Terms") set out the terms and conditions for your use of the software services offered by Hyper Drive Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (HDIT).
  3. By installing, accessing or using the HDIT software Products / Services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these “Terms”, and are deemed to have agreed to these Terms on behalf of any person or entity for whom you are using the HDIT software services.
  4. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing HDIT Software Services / Products. All rights not explicitly granted to users in these Terms are reserved by HDIT.
  5. We may change these Terms from time to time, and will endeavor to notify you of such changes via email or by displaying updated terms on our website. If you continue to use the HDIT Services, your use will be governed by the updated Terms.
  6. The contract is binding and cannot be cancelled without written acceptance by HDIT.
Software Terms and Conditions
  1. Your software is licensed on a payment or subscription basis.
  2. The customer should be aware of the full functionality of the Software they are purchasing from HDIT.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the software meets their entire specific needs.
  4. It is not the responsibility of HDIT to understand or act on any needs or requirements of the customer that have not been conveyed to HDIT in writing and accepted by HDIT in written.
  5. HDIT will not provide data entry service and will not make any changes to your data. We will not be doing your data transfer from any other software to our software system. You will need to take care of your data yourself.
  6. HDIT will not upload any data in your system. Information about creating initial data in our software products is provided on our website. Customer will need to create their own initial data in HDIT software.
  7. Customer is responsible for maintaining the security and backups of their database. HDIT does not have access to your data and is not responsible for loss of your data.
  8. Customer is responsible for regular backup of their data and maintain a back up either on Internet or on a device other than your main database computer.
  9. HDIT is not responsible for recovering customer’s loss or corrupt data.
  10. HDIT products gets installed with SQLite in trial mode. Customer will have to shift to Microsoft SQL server (Express or better) once you start to use the system in real life situation.
  11. Microsoft SQL Server is a product of Microsoft Corp. Customer will need to contact Microsoft for any unrecoverable errors in SQL server database.
  12. HDIT products come with a default Login ID and Password. We strongly recommend that you change your password for the default login.
  13. Any customization of reports or print formats like sales invoice, sticker sheets or any other documents will be an additional cost.
  14. Additional cost for reports or print formats will be decided by HDIT on case to case basis.
  15. All reports customization requirements will have to be submitted to HDIT via emails.
  16. HDIT will not accept verbal report requirements or modifications. It will take 7-14 business days to prepare custom reports after customer has signed off on requirements. Some complex reports can take longer.
  17. After signing off, changes in requirements will be considered as new report request.
  18. We do not provide any services to validate your report data or mismatch of data between different reports. You will have to find cause of discrepancies in your data, if any, by double checking your data inputs and your delete / edit actions.
  19. We do not support design and print of Sales Invoice on Barcode Sticker Printers.
  20. We do not support preparing print formats for pre-printed stationery.
  21. Any additional program scripts requested by customer for further customization of our software will be charged additionally, depending on each case complexity.
  22. Customer must provide an internet connection to the computer that is running our software at least once in 3 days to validate the license key.
Software License
  1. The customer acknowledges and agrees that the Software is licensed, not sold. You agree neither to use, nor permit any third party to use the Software in a manner that violates any applicable law, regulation or this Agreement.
  2. You agree you will not:
    1. Provide access to or give the Software or any part of the Software to any third party
    2. Reproduce, duplicate, modify, copy, deconstruct, reverse-engineer, sell, trade or resell the Software.
    3. Transfer your license to the Software to any other party.
    4. Attempt unauthorized access to any other HDIT systems that are not part of the Software.
    5. Permit any third party to benefit from the use or functionality of the Software via a rental, lease, time sharing, service bureau, hosting service, or other arrangement or make the Software available on any file-sharing or application hosting service.
  1. Our Software Products are provided to you without warranty of any kind. You are solely responsible for determining the appropriateness of our products and you assume all risks associated with the use of them, including but not limited to the risks of program errors, damage to or loss of data, unavailability or interruption of operations, suspension or termination the license key or this agreement.
  2. Under no circumstances shall HDIT be liable for any damages and loss of business or loss of profits.
  3. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the sites and products and /or your account at any time for any or no reason.
  4. All HDIT software solutions are available on our website for free trial with detailed feature list. We do not offer any customization in addition to our current functionality.
  5. Any claim relating to HDIT Licensed Software shall be governed by the laws of the Bangalore, State of Karnataka.
Virus Protection Software and Firewall Software
  1. Virus protection software and firewall software will block all applications trying to communicate over the network. If you are using such software, you will need to configure those to allow our applications’ network communications to go through.
  2. Virus protection / firewall software may also cause performance impact as they take time to evaluate each packet going back and forth on the network.
  3. All questions and queries involving any virus protection or firewall software will have to be taken to the respective vendors of such software. HDIT is not liable to answer any queries regarding virus protection or firewall software.
Additional Suggested Hardware
  1. We strongly recommend UPS power back up to all your computers. Make sure that in case of power failure, the systems are shutdown gracefully instead of abrupt shutdown. Abrupt shutdown can cause database corruption and operating system corruption and we will not be able to recover your data in such situations.
  2. HDIT recommends customers to have external Hard disc or internet cloud storage to take regular database backup. Computer hard disc can fail anytime and it is recommended that you maintain a copy of database outside of your main computer.
  3. Customers can either take a back up on an external hard disc or pen drive or set up a mechanism to upload the database to your cloud account like dropbox, google drive etc regularly.
Software License & Support
Your Software is licensed by subscription and the following terms apply, unless HDIT notifies you otherwise in writing. The following Software License & Support terms and conditions relate to the following POS Software products:
  • HDPOS smart Software - supplied on subscription basis
  • HDSalon Software -supplied on subscription basis
  • HDRestaurant Software - supplied on subscription basis
  • HDPOS easy Software - supplied on subscription basis
  • HDPOS lite Software - supplied on subscription basis
  • HDSME software - supplied on subscription basis
What "DOES" Software Annual License & Support Include?
  1. This license will allow you to use software for a period that you have subscribed for.
  2. This will include all telephone, email & remote login support. An internet connection must be available at customer’s location for remote login support.
  3. In person visit at customer location will be an additional charge and is not included in the license cost.
  4. All software upgrades, for the specific product, are included in annual subscription license fees.
  5. We have support centre at Bangalore, India. All support queries will be handled by our support centre in India time zone.
  6. Please check our website for our support timing.
  7. We have large knowledge base online that covers most of the features and questions in pdf and video format.
What "DOESN’T" Software Annual License & Support Include?
  1. No On-site support / service.
  2. Additional database programming is not included in annual license cost.
  3. Data entry tasks like adding Item Stock or initial data etc, are not included in annual license cost.
  4. We do not validate your report data or match the data between different reports. You will have to find cause of any discrepancies in your data by double checking your data inputs and your delete / edit actions.
  5. HDIT does not take responsibility of hardware fault / breakdown.
  6. HDIT does not take responsibility faults that occur in third party software products that affect the functionality of the software supplied by HDIT.
  7. HDIT does not support in any way the damage that might have occured in customer’s data or software due to any computer virus and or spyware. This includes damage to either third party software, such as Microsoft Windows, or software supplied by HDIT.
  8. Annual license fee does not include re-configuring and or performing system setup of a new computer or if Microsoft Windows has had to be re-installed or upgraded to an alternate version or the hard drive has had to be replaced.
  9. It is advisable to contact HDIT prior to purchasing a new computer to confirm suitable specifications.
  10. It is advisable to contact HDIT prior to purchasing new computer peripheral hardware or software to confirm suitable specifications.
  11. Although actual software upgrades are supplied FREE of charge, there is a charge for on-site labour / traveling time to perform the installation of these upgrades, if required. Software upgrades are normally done off-site via remote login (internet connection) where no charge would apply.
How Much Does Software Annual License & Support Cost?
  1. The cost of your software annual license & support fee is dependent on the total number of computers that the software is installed on and the optional software modules that you are licensed to use.
  2. Software annual license & support for the first year is included in the first invoice.
  3. Software annual license & Support will be payable prior to the first anniversary date to enable software license reactivation.
  4. Annual software license & support fees maybe advised at the time of this contract but are subject to change without any further notice.
  5. Should full payment become overdue then HDIT reserves the right to deactivate software supplied. The customer accepts that HDIT is not liable for any loss or damages this may cause.
  6. If number of computers or modules are reduced, the change in price for the remaining systems will take effect from the next annual license renewal date. Annual software license fees will not be refunded even if customer have not been using all licenses.
  7. If new computer licenses or modules are added before the next license renewal date then AMC will be calculated on prorated basis.
  8. Current Single computer software annual license & support fees after the initial twelve months are (HDPOS Smart, HDSalon, HDRestaurant, HDPOS easy, HDSchool) :
    • AMC: Installed on one computer, Rs. 4000 / USD 70
  9. Current client server software annual license & support fees after the initial twelve months are (HDPOS Smart, HDSalon, HDRestaurant, HDPOS easy, HDSchool) :
    • AMC: Rs. 8000 (For two computers) / USD 140
  10. Current additional client software annual license and support fees after the initial twelve months are (HDPOS Smart, HDSalon, HDRestaurant, HDPOS easy, HDSchool) :
    • AMC: Rs. 1000 - 2000 / USD 30 - 40 for every additional computer (based on number of clients)
  11. Current Synch service annual license & support fees after the initial twelve months are (HDPOS Smart, HDSalon, HDRestaurant, HDPOS easy, HDSchool) :
    • AMC: Rs. 5000 / USD 70
  12. Current renewal cost for HDPOS lite:
    • AMC: SA: Rs. 2000 (USD 40), CS: Rs. 4000 (USD 70), Additional Client: Rs. 500 (USD 10)
  13. Current client server software annual license & support fees after the initial twelve months for HDReports are :
    • AMC: Rs. 2000 (For two computers) / USD 40
  14. Renewal cost of ERP will be 20% of sales value. There could be additional monthly support charges based on installation type.
Refund Policy
  1. No refunds will be given.
  2. License key once purchased is non-refundable. License key cannot be transferred to another party.
  3. All deposits paid are non refundable.
  4. No refunds or credits for subscription plan charges, fees, or payments will be provided to you if you elect to terminate your products plan or cancel your account prior to the end of your agreement date.
  5. Following the termination or cancellation of your subscription, HDIT reserves the right to close your account and delete any associated data in its normal course of operations.
Cloud Services
  • Rs. 14,000/- one time setup fees to start your cloud account. This is non refundable and cannot be adjusted with any other license key.
  • One of the basic requirements for our cloud service is good internet connection.
  • If you are at a location where getting at least 2 mbps internet connection is not feasible HDIT offers you the ability to work as a disconnected terminal.
  • In disconnected terminal mode you will start with data from central database like price list, item list, stock etc and prepare invoices on local terminal without connection to central server (offline).
  • At end of day, at a suitable interval for you, with a single button click, you can send all your offline invoices to server and update your local data with server updates that might have occurred when you were working offline.
  • Though disconnected terminal has disadvantage of not giving you up to date information of your business, customers can still have centralized control and centralized view in a controlled fashion.
  • HDIT suggests you to use the online mode as long as possible to get best benefits of cloud services.
  • HDIT will backup your cloud database once a day every night. On customers request HDIT can help in copying your database backup on your dropbox account.
  • HDIT is not responsible for your disconnected terminal database if you have not synched for more than 3 days.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the security and backups of your local database. We do not have access to your local and we are not responsible for loss of your data due to your system failures.
HD Synchronization Service
  1. If your internet connectivity is slow and that is causing slowness in your billing, HDIT offers an add-on service “Synchronization Service”, that will allow you to work in disconnected mode most of the time, and synchronize your data with server with a press of single button.
  2. HD Synch service can help you connect your multiple shops to single database.
  3. This service allows customers to be able to connect all locations over the internet without using our cloud service.
  4. The “Server” could be one of your computers.Customers should have an internet connection to synch data and a static IP address.
  1. Server computer will have to be powered on and available on the internet all the time when you want to access it from other location.
  2. Your internet service provider MUST provide inbound traffic to your server.
  3. Network connectivity between all your computers over the internet is responsibility of customer and your internet provider.
  4. HDIT will not be able to help with Network issues over the internet between your computers.
  5. Connectivity problems between your computers in your LAN (Local network) are not our responsibility. Customer will have to manage hardware and network issues on your own.
  6. HDIT will not be responsible for configuring your third party software like virus protection software. You will need to work with your virus protection software vendor to provide our application the necessary access to network and to the hardware.
  7. One Static IP on server location would be required from your Internet Service provider.
  8. If static IP address is not feasible, we can help you set up a 3rd party application to work with dynamic IP address but static IP address is preferred.
Internet Upload Speed and Download Speed
  1. If Server is being accessed from a client over the internet, The UPLOAD Internet speed at server location should be minimum of 2mbps for better online experience at the client end.
  2. If client is mostly going to work in disconnected mode, lower UPLOAD speed at server location will also work.
  3. In case of lower Internet speeds, the time taken for data synchronization may be longer.
Updating Your HD CS (using synch service)
Customers must follow precautions while updating their Client server versions with synchronization service.
  1. Sync data from all clients and go to online mode.
  2. Close the application.
  3. Take backup of your database from server computer.
  4. If there is no client installed in server you can take back up from any of the clients. But make sure you take back up once the data is sync from all clients.
  5. There is no need to download software in every client system.
  6. If you are changing or formatting your server computer:
    1. Do not use client in disconnected mode.
    2. Sync all the client data and close it in online mode, only then change/format server system.
    3. Using client in disconnected mode when server is not in working condition may lead to data loss.
Customer Support and Training Policies
  1. Our Focus is on customer support. We have support call centre at Bangalore where we have trained software professionals ready to help you with your product questions.
  2. Our call centre is equipped with dedicated PRI line with 36 channels and a single number for your convenience.
  3. Besides the infrastructure we are also focused on quality of help you receive. In order to receive best quality support, we request you to call our Bangalore support centre (+91-80-4271-7700), where we have especially trained support personnel.
  4. Our sales team is not equipped with same support training as the Bangalore call centre support team.
  5. Please check our website for our support timings.
  6. To help our customers become independent with our products, we have taken lot of efforts in preparing different type of tutorials and videos. These tutorials are constantly updated and are available on our website.
Our training material is available in English,Hindi and Tamil.

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