Inventory management POS for your Retail Store

November 26, 2019 in Inventory

Inventory management POS for your Retail Store

Inventory management is crucial to the success of any kind of product-based business. Managing your inventory efficiently enables a business owner to take control of their product movements. With proper inventory management, a business can stay ahead of competitors by maintaining the right inventory level to handle all customer demands at the right time. With effective inventory management, one can easily lower inventory costs, speed up order fulfillment and fulfill all customer expectations, efficiently. Every small business owner sees inventory management as a challenge and is seeking the answer to the question of automating inventory management. So, what is the right way to manage your inventories?

Importance of an automated inventory management system

Before finding the answer, let us see why automation is essential for efficient and effective inventory management.

To maximize scalability

Manual inventory management systems suffer from inherent limitations. Using manual spreadsheets to handle the needs of a growing customer base will never help you scale up your business operations. Scalability implies taking your business to new locations and handling a large customer base. Without an automated system, your business will not be able to handle rising order volumes.

To save time

Automation saves time. Manually entering inventory information in spreadsheets require large amount of time. You will save valuable time that can be utilized to take care of other important business aspects.

Garment Shop inventory System

To reduce human error

Manual inventory management using spreadsheets can lead to human error. Human intervention opens up chances for error and automating inventory management eliminates these chances and make inventory records much more reliable.

Automating Inventory Management with an Automated Point-of-Sale System

Inventory costs are the biggest expense of a growing business still 46% of small and medium-level businesses do not use automated inventory management systems. There are a number of ways to manage inventory and automating this aspect will help you control your inventory costs.

A fully-functional PoS software with inventory management capabilities will take the burden of inventory management off your shoulders. With an automated software, you can control incoming orders, sales, and inventory levels easily. As a PoS software is used to ring up sales, inventory management is easier with automated features of PoS software.

A PoS software is the best way to manage store inventory as it offers multiple benefits owing to integration between inventory, sales and purchases. You can maintain your store inventory and ensure that you do not let sales opportunities slip away your hands. As sales are recorded directly in the PoS software, the integrated approach ensures that sales and inventory management goes hand-in-hand. Along with inventory management benefits, a PoS software offers multiple other advantages to a small business owner.

What does an automatic inventory management software promises?

Automated inventory management helps in effectively tracking all the stock inside your store and warehouse. Many PoS software with inventory management capabilities gives a chance for a business owner to physically locate different items in the inventory.

As a PoS system takes care of store sales, there are minimal chances of error due to human mistake. This ensures accurate inventory management and increased profits. Along with automating inventory management, a PoS system helps in:

  • Efficient stock auditing
  • Tracking stock mismatch
  • Stock validation
  • Accurate reporting of inventory data
  • Manage warehouse inventory
  • Transfer stock between warehouses at different locations
  • Maintain optimal stock levels

HDPOS is a reliable PoS solution with inventory management capabilities. It will fulfill various other purposes, helping your business in grabbing all the low hanging fruits that will ultimately lead to better store management and increased sales revenues.

Automation is the need of the hour and when you are in a retail business, your customers always demand something better than before. By automating inventory management using a POS solution, you will be able to keep inventory levels at par with dynamic customer expectations and succeed in taking your business to greater heights.