How HDPOS Smart Assisted Aria Retail

November 12, 2021 in Point of Sale

How HDPOS Smart Assisted Aria Retail

About Aria Retail

Aria Retails is an Offline retail outlet and one of the leading departmental stores in North Calcutta, offering a variety of products from grocery to cosmetics. They have been established since 2014, and have managed to become one of the largest retail chains in the area with 3 locations. Aria Retails is well known for its great customer service and top ratings in terms of product quality. 

Currently, they are using HDPOS Smart for their sales and CRM operations. 

Challenges faced by Aria Retail

With increasing sales and footfall the major challenges that Aria retail faced were

I. Billing and Top of the Counter Sales 

With increasing sales and footfall they faced a common issue that is billing. Their cash management and billing were all manual, which left room for potential leakages by employees. They knew that It’s important to keep track of the goods and cash flow. Moreover, this also blocked their growth towards the multiple stores they wanted to open.

ii. Bar Coding and Tracking 

Another issue that they faced was to make the billing process easy, through barcoding the products and using a scanner at the bill desk that will reduce customer waiting time. Currently the customer waiting time was high, due to which multiple customers left without a purchase.

iii. Customer relationship module

The owners at Aria retail know the value of loyal customers, but how could they keep track of their customers and be in touch with them? 

This was a major challenge that the owners wanted to overcome as fast as possible to overcome the major hindrance in their growth. 

How HDPOS Smart Helped Resolve their Issues

i . The complete billing process at Aria Retail was manual. Through HDPOS Smart they now have a scanner and a software suite to record all payments along with the sales at each counter. The sales data allows  them to keep track of inventory that they frequently ran out of earlier. This has led to shorter queues and a significant reduction in the customer waiting time, despite high footfalls.  

ii. With HDPOS they have now begun generating unique barcodes for unpacked products that have made it significantly easy to manage operations. This allows them to keep an equivalent track of both the packed and unpacked items, which in turn enables them to manage the inventory. 

iii. HDPOS has allowed them to think of expanding beyond their limits, with cash management, centralized purchasing, recording, and Offers. It enables them to remotely manage all operations effectively. HDPOS allows real-time data sync and mobile application to track all aspects of the business centrally.

iv. Customer relationship module comes with HDPOS, which allows them to take phone numbers and track the purchase patterns of each customer. That helped increase sales to loyal customers through rewards and exclusive store offers. 


HDPOS has allowed Aria retail to expand beyond their reach and open stores at 3 more locations in Calcutta. They are now more confident with their billing, inventory, customer satisfaction along with the workflow. 

They owe such quick success to HDPOS, that their profits have tripled in just 1 year and they are planning to open 2 more locations in the coming months.