How HDPOS Lead Moti Confectionary to Success

November 12, 2021 in Point of Sale

How HDPOS Lead Moti Confectionary to Success

Moti Confessionary is a successful bakery shop in Calcutta offering a variety of cakes, sweets, pudding, and other bakery products. It started in 2015 and has become a private limited enterprise through dedicated customer service and quality products. 

Earlier they were using “Nukkad” as their POS software, but have now transferred to HDPOS as their sole software for POS, Inventory, and Operations management. 

The owners faced multiple issues with the previous service provider but are quite satisfied with the service and support provided by HDPOS. 

Challenges That Moti Confectionary Faced 

The major challenges that Moti confectionary faced despite having a POS software solution were

  1. Cash Management- Cash management was a major issue they faced, As the software lagged and didn’t register proper cash data. The billing process was cumbersome and software often crashed leading to constant delays and cash mismanagement. 
  1. Batch Expiry- As you are aware that the confectionery business has a few perks one of which is the low shelf life of the products. Improper billing and lack of inventory data can lead to the expiry of the batches made and even the raw material can deteriorate in quality. 

Accurate estimation of inventory is extremely important in this business. 

The solution offered by HDPOS Smart 

i. Moti confectionery faced a major issue with their billing and as a result, had to accommodate long queues. Their problem was solved via HDPOS Smart that allowed them to operate 15+ mobile applications, handle orders and serve customers effectively. 

This solved a huge queue problem they always faced, Now the customers could take orders right at their tables and employees no longer had to get coupons and bills from the cashier.

ii. With HDPOS their stock management issue was resolved, as the software offered remote access to inventory and warehouse. This helped them to keep an accurate track of sales, and the inventory they needed to order. It also resolved a major issue of batch expiry. 

The software allowed them to get accurate data on their daily sales, to get an exact estimate of how much product they should make that can be sold on the same day. 

iii. HDPOS was able to resolve their cash management issues, with multiple applications and accurate data analysis that could match sales with the revenue. Moreover, they were able to provide centralized customer management solutions that could allow them to send messages and offers to their loyal customers, enabling a higher customer retention ratio. 


After their success with HDPOS, they could open 2 more stores in the area and increase sales up to 3 times. They are now quite content with the way software has performed and are willing to give a big thumbs up to the HDPOS team. 

Moti confectionary is now a Private limited company and is eyeing to spread across multiple states. They attribute much of their success and their 2 new stores to HDPOS software. The way it has provided them with accurate Analytics, Billing, Cash Management, and Inventory management. This has reduced their labor on operations and enabled them to concentrate entirely on business growth and expansion.