Timetable Software for Schools and Institution

Automatically create timetables of colleges and students very quickly and effortlessly

Time table generation in HDSchool is simple and flexible. In HDSchool timetable software you can easily create time table for different year/semester and sections. Based on the start and end time of your school /colleges you can set duration of each class and system generates the time table slots according to this rules specified.
You can preview the time table, the timetable software system also provides you the flexibility to do manual intervention including overriding some of the rules you have defined earlier in the system .You can edit ,review and finalize and adjust it to meet the practical needs. After the creating a time table you can assign teacher/ professor and subject to the selected time slot as per your requirements.
This feature allows you to:
  • Generate time table for each class and section.
  • Administrator to assign the staff and subject to a particular time slot.
  • Manage the lunch break and other breaks as per your school rules.
  • Make changes to time table based on the availability of the staff/teacher.
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