Student Management and Information Software

All-In-One Student Management System to track student behaviour, communication and attendance

HDSchool – student management software module allows you to capture all details of student such as name, academic details, contact information of the students and parents or guardians. In addition to personnel data, you can also store information about student’s previous qualification/achievements, scholarship details, and other interests. HDSchool -student management system allows you to attach external documents such as study certificate, Transfer certificates etc.
Each student will be assigned with a unique roll number and registration number at the time of student creation or you can assign your own roll number and registration number. In addition you can also create your additional fields to store any additional details of student like last school attended, reason for leaving, etc.
When you view a student details in HDSchool student database management software you will find all information related to the student such as student’s personnel and academic details, fee structure applied, pending fee details, exam results. HDSchool student management software also allows you to adjust student’s pending fee details and fee due dates of each fee type as per your negotiations with student/parents.
  • Add your student's details quickly with Excel upload.
  • Add student’s picture along with other details.
  • Add Parent / Guardians details and emergency contact numbers.
  • Attach records of student qualification and achievements if any.
  • Send emails/ SMS to students or parent/ guardian.
  • Create Logins for online login.
  • View detail of fee paid and pending fees.
  • Define additional fields to store any additional details of student like last school attended, Reason for leaving etc.
  • Know students pending fees at a glance.