School Attendance Management Software

Attendance tracking software for schools to record student's attendance & irregularities

HDSchool - School Attendance Software module enables a school to record and monitor student attendance and absence. In HDSchool school attendance system you can record student's attendance in two ways:
  • Class wise attendance.
  • Day wise attendance.

Class Wise Attendance

If you want to record attendance of the students for each period, then class wise student attendance software feature will be suitable for you. Class wise attendance software module will display all the periods assigned in day to a selected teacher/professor as per your school time table definition.

Day Wise Attendance

This School attendance management software module allows educational institutions to take attendance day wise.
This feature allows you to:
  • Manage attendance of the students.
  • Add attendance via subject wise daily attendance or student daily attendance.
  • Mark the student present or absent
  • Manage student daily attendance or a particular school, class and section
  • Generate report of the attendance which can be student daily attendance report or subject wise daily attendance report.
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