Library Management System Software

Comprehensive software for managing schools libraries efficiently

HDSchool Library management software module allows you to easily catalogue books and maintain records of issued, reissued and overdue books. This library software module allows you to create library items (Books, CD’s/DVD’s etc) with specified number of copies. You can configure books issue related rules such as maximum number of books can be issued to a member (student/teacher), maximum penalty outstanding to allow issuing a new library item and penalty rules for overdue books. You can also track the date of issue and return of specific library item.
In Library management system software you can print library item barcode stickers in customized formats. Further, barcode integration, an option available with this library management module, makes borrowing books easy and error free for everyone.
This feature allows you to:
  • Manage the number of copies of each library item.
  • Manage library members (students/teachers) details such as Membership code, Number books issued, total pending penalty amount etc.
  • Manage category wise library items status (condition) and availability
  • Manage all the details related to the library item such as book type, Title/Name, Publication, Author Name, ISBN etc.
  • Export/Import library items from an excel file.
  • Generate reports such as total number of issued in date range, Library item wise issued and available quantity etc.