Staff Management System

Capture the details of your staff in one centralised system

In HDSchool – Employee management software module you can store all the details of the faculty (employees/staff). This module allows you to capture details of the specific employee such as personnel information, qualification details and salary details. You can also define login details of each employee and provide or restrict access to specific functionalities in the application based on their designation. Employees (faculty/staff) can be assigned with a department based on the subject matter of their specialty, such as English, Physics, Kannada, or Hindi. In addition to personnel details you can also attach external documents like employee’s certificates, experience letter etc.
This feature allows you to:
  • Add employee details quickly with excel upload.
  • Attach records of employee qualification and previous teaching experiences if any.
  • Create logins and provide access based on their designation.
  • Assign subjects based on their specialty.
  • Define additional fields to store any additional details.
  • Assign the salary structure based on their designation.