HDSchool Course Management System

Course management software allows you to define various courses that you offer in your Universities/Colleges/Schools. While defining the course you can also define course type (Year /Semester) and their duration. At the time of admission, you can easily enroll the student to the selected course. HDSchool software allows you to define class wise subjects as per the rules and regulations (Curriculum) of the respective University boards/School boards. You can also manage class wise list of compulsory and optional subjects.
Course management system feature allows you to:
  • Define the various Courses offered in your school.
  • Define course type and duration of course.
  • Define grade system based on the courses being offered.
  • Manage different classes.
  • Define Compulsory and optional subjects for a specific class/ year.
  • Define lab sessions if any.
  • Assign Students to a course.
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