HDSchool on Cloud

Why should I use cloud services?

  • To manage and monitor your multiple schools from a central location.
  • Check New Admissions, Fees collected, Pending Fees at any location.
  • Access your schools from anywhere in world with simple internet connection.

What does HDSchool cloud service provide?

  • We provide you a centralized server completely managed by us.
  • We assure of its 24/7 uptime.
  • HDSchool will be updated with every new release.
  • You do not have to invest in expensive server hardware and software and its uptime
  • Get started at a very low cost.
  • Update your changes in Fee structure, syllabus instantly at all locations.
  • Manage Examination Schedules, Time tables and Results.
  • Manage your Financial Accounts from any location.
  • View report of fees collected, Student and staff attendance etc.
  • Single database with centralised data.
  • Instant integration with your e-school portal