Access Rights Management System

Centralized access control enabling you to secure your school data and simplify your management

  • HDSchool is highly customizable for Access rights.
  • Access Rights management software allows you to provide or restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins.
  • Create as many Logins as you want by creating employees.
  • HDSchool access management software gives you a way to manage your access rights at very granular level by giving you over 300 Functionality points.
  • You can specify access for each button and each menu option individually.
  • You can also create Functionality Groups, user groups and computer groups.
  • You can also add your own Additional Passwords for various functionalities in HDSchool Access Rights management system.
  • Administrator can provide Additional password on any functionality.
  • When a user tries to invoke the functionality which is protected by additional password, he would be challenged to provide the Additional Password. In the client server options he will see the option to request for approval over the network.
  • The administrator will physically come to the system that requires this password and enter it using the keyboard.
  • Administrator can also provide Additional Security to this password.
  • Administrator can choose to store the password in a file and store that file on his personal thumb/USB drive or a CD.
  • When the administrator reaches the computer in order to “type” in the password, he inserts his media (CD/thumb drive) in the computer and reads the passwords off that media instead of typing it in and hence providing further security to your secondary password.
  • The approving manager can be Located Physically Anywhere on the network. In case of cloud account, he can be anywhere in the world.